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Sankalp · 11/16/2014
Works but provides insufficient information

The element properties that show up on the right panel don't have units for all the properties. Please add them. Another suggestion, Can you display the atomic mass of the element right on the element tile, without having to hover over it?

Locutus · 8/27/2014

This review focuses on what the app does not have, which is: . Yep, exactly, it seems to have everything. You can compare everything from the physical state of an element at 273K (and there is a slider to change that), you can look at the melting points, you can look at ionization, you can look at density, etc., and it is all nice and color coded for you. The reason I don't give it 5 stars is that the slider (which is present on more than just the physical state) is very difficult to control, ranging from 0 to 6000 (which means that comparing between 200 and 300 K is hard because you have to move your mouse slowly). Additionally, certain properties (like the physical state) have only one variable (such as temperature, in this case), as opposed to being able to control 2 or more very important variables (the other in this case being pressure). Apart from not showing pictures (which isn't a big deal), there isn't much else that can make this app better.

Andrew · 9/25/2013
Works great but has a lot of bad info

The actual periodic table works and looks great. 5 stars easy if it didn't have a slew of errors in the data. A prominent example is the number of valence electrons in Chlorine.

John · 3/3/2013
Very Useful

This app is one of my favorites I have on my computer. I use this periodic table just about every day for college work, and it does exactly what I need it to do.

Julian · 2/17/2013
Pretty good

Fun and simple to use. Works great and well put together.

Tamara · 2/9/2013
Great App

Tells you tons of information, and it is really easy to switch back and forth in between views. Could do without the adds.

Jacob · 2/5/2013

Serves the purpose of the Periodic Table + more with helpful facts about each element! Like someone else said, its very similar to Ptable.com, but I don't see how that's a bad thing!

ronald · 2/4/2013
periodic table

as a chemist I find this app very good. great information database and easy to use and understand.

Ian · 1/30/2013
Good App

Great at a quick view with color coded elements. App loading time on Surface could be better.

Gary · 1/30/2013
75 year old

I like it but there is no way to provide feedback. There are problems with it that need to be addressed with no way to do it. For example the valence of the heavier elements is not visible. i.e. some are missing. Other than that I really enjoy and like the program. I would recommend it highly.



  • Periodic table of elements
  • Interactive Periodic table

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