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Tcat · 8/15/2015
The we'll go to learn chemistry painlessly.

I never thought I would have needed to go back and refer back chemistry again. Is this is your first rodeo with the molecules you want to save yourself a lot of grief and get this! The trick is its always in your hand and you can take it in bite size chunks. As you have moments here and there, the best way to learn complex material in small doses, often. Perhaps it's a small device screen size. It forced the developer to be quite succinct and logical in the explanation of nature (chemistry).

Laurence · 8/19/2015

It's nice and has a lot of information about elements. However, the table shows Lawrencium (Lr) as "Lw" which is incorrect.

lui · 7/24/2015

Comprehensive and easy to use. It provided useful information. Good job!

Mohammed · 7/6/2015

Nice app with useful info

j. · 8/22/2015

Spam ads

Mirus · 6/17/2015

App crashes EVERYTIME I open an element.

sandy · 5/8/2015

There should be 3d pics,,i like it.

Caleb · 5/7/2015

Good app, but maybe a "Search" bar so we could type in a elements name, atomic weight, etc. And see it and any others related to it

Rana Sohail · 4/7/2015

Make it free

Mitchell · 12/22/2014



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