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User · 4/21/2014

Not bad not good either

Rammel · 2/18/2013

It's just the look of your mobile phone.

User · 7/1/2014

This app is not worth the money at all, definitely deleting it!!

godzla69 · 8/15/2012

It's only a simulation, tiles often times don't correspond to actual app. Whats the point?!

cOOlaide 117 · 7/25/2012

Good, but why we must pay??!?!?! Just put ads, this app is obviously popular!!!

CRYOF1RE · 7/17/2012

Great app would be nice if you could use a pic for the background and a different one for the tiles!

Morg5166 · 6/1/2012

This is kind of a cool concept, but to charge money for an app that doesn't actually do anything useful...hate to break it to you, but windows phone is locked down too much at the moment for this to actually work.

Reapinghavock · 5/25/2012

I very rarely leave less than 5 stars. I felt this was only deserving of 2. Its an imitation full theme. It only works through the app and only certain tiles work then. It is kind of cool in its own sense. I think if it had more functionality and everything worked the way it should it could be a 5 star worthy app. Right now it's at a 2.

DoubtedTitan · 5/12/2012

I really support the idea of making this app for Microsoft to see so they can think about customization on windows phone 8

Nicholas YRS · 5/5/2012

Not very useful but beautiful interface.


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