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mike · 7/21/2015
Beautiful Simplicity

This app just tracks where you have been and keeps a log. Just what I wanted it to do. It saves to my OneDrive automatically. I do wish I could set where (which folder), it saves to on my OneDrive.

James · 7/23/2015
Great app. Does only what it's supposed to.

There is the matter of no customization. Every 30 minutes, it tracks my location. Most of the time, I'm at home, and it's not doing anything useful. And when I am out, it'll mark a random piece of traveling. I'd like more frequent check ins

Mike · 6/14/2015

This app is great to just let do its thing in the background and all the places I been open in google earth from the one drive. Thanks for this one.

John · 5/24/2015

Amazing for free ! It makes a geolog every 20 minutes. The log is internal unless you export it to your OneDrive. It shows on a little map that is just OK. It exports as a KML file. Download Google Earth, which is free, and you get it on your PC in full glory and you can spin off a Google Maps for more detail. It's small, no drain on the phone, uses no data unless you manually or daily upload to OneDrive which is almost nothing, uses no web site or any service, and IS private. Since it just pops it's head up and takes a snapshot it can certainly miss stuff but it would have to stay up or wake up more for that, and use more CPU. An option for a more "true tracking" would be nice but ... It's clean and free, so grab it while you can !

Michael · 6/18/2015


Bull · 1/30/2015

Seens to be good, but i cant find my location on google maps or google earth.

Iqbal · 11/8/2014

Useless App

User · 10/27/2014

Pretty much useless to find a lost phone.

Ashish · 10/4/2014

Worked fine on first day, but hasn't tracked my location in last 3 months even though tracker is on.

Tom · 8/8/2014

It would be better if you could set how frequent it gets your location... And if it was more accurate -.- it told me I was across town at 5:00 in the morning...