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Scott · 8/2/2015
Brilliant way to virtually travel

This app really does give you a new way to travel (virtually) to anywhere on Earth, and it's fun to use. You can tell it's been made with care, and I appreciate the attention to detail that's in there, particularly with opacity and transitions. Fifth star for adding a slideshow mode with adjustable advance time, and the ability to load more than 25 per site... I'd love to run this as a slideshow on one monitor while I'm working on another.

Justin · 3/4/2013
Nice ui, but search results not so good

Browsing by map is nice, but when you search you still get a lot of irrelevant content. No way to change view to get bigger thumbnails or sort results.

Kevin · 2/10/2013


Stephen · 1/26/2013
Its fun but...

9.5 times out of 10 is fails to load any instagram pic!

Bart · 1/23/2013
Does not respect the Win8 design guidelines at all

The developers and designers of this app completely ignored the Win8 design guidelines when building this app. Sad to see.

Robert · 5/16/2013
Very compelling application

Lets you see pictures in an area on a map, and then to be able to quickly open the picture. Similar to the pictures in Bing or Google maps, but much better implemented. It would be nice if the thumbnails could be made bigger and I'd like to get rid of the bar on the left side.

Willa · 5/11/2013

Search is limited but I think this is mostly from photos tags rather than the app. Could use an option to change the size of the thumbnails. Map zooms in when you click to view a photo. You must zoom back to your original view after exiting the photo. On my desktop, zooming is slow on response. Zooming often continues and you have to stop it by catching the map and moving it a little. User tags are often wrong and this is NOT the fault of the program.

Ashkan · 2/21/2013

I really wasn't expect anything good , but I was mistaken . this app is wonderful and very very fun to work with , beautiful GUI and very fast . I really enjoyed it . one of top best apps in store , thanks to the developers , keep it going guys , nice job . highly recommended .

Michael · 2/4/2013
First rate

This is the level of polish one needs in a first rate app store. Looks great, very responsive. If I'm picky, there is more skeuomorphism than one expects in a proper Windows 8 store app, and it isn't usable if you need high contrast mode. That is pretty picky of me though.

Reviewer 8369 · 1/23/2013
Worth your time. Good conversation piece.

Played with it for maybe 5 minutes. Simple. No problems loading at all. You just pick a spot, any spot, in the world and start looking at geotagged photos. Amateur and professional. Amazing use of tech. Just imagine what CIA must use.



  • Locate geotagged photos from Flickr, Instagram, Panoramio and 500px!
  • Automatically sync your favorite finds across all of your Windows 8 devices!
  • Photographer location scouting.

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update 4/5/2015 Update to 500px to show higher resolution photos 9/30/2014 flickr service bug fix 9/9/2014 2.0 - new ui - updated for windows 8.1 1/30 -Fixed bug where cancelling an instagram login crashed the app. - NEW Get photos from users by either searching or clicking on their username ( supported on Flickr, instagram and partially on Panoramio ) - NEW Sidebar snap view which works similarly to the bing app, click a photo and it opens beside the app in the default browser - NEW 500px keyword search - NEW Golden hour (sunset / sunrise) info for your area and notifications - UI Tweaks, enhancements & refinements - Improved help dialog - Added swipe gesture to photo viewer for touch users - Added additional mouse button navigation - Performance optimization for Surface RT - Fixed a bug where it would randomly return 0 results - Fixed a bug where keyboard navigation did not work in fullscreen mode - Fixed a bug where Faved photos did not store for some users update 1.7.2013 - Added Date to photos ( note: previously faved photos might not show a date) - Live tile support for your favs (requires at least 4 favs) - Added additional keyboard navigation ( up / down / spacebar when viewing photos) - Added notification visual when an api fails (most noticable on instagram) - Adjusted the flickr api call for accuracy - minor visual tweaks - bug fixes

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