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Ronald · 8/25/2015
Piano Time is a convenient way to learn!

I am learning to play the keyboard and read music at the same time, and Piano Time is a sure and easy way for me to learn, at my own pace!

Michael · 8/3/2015

great help, very enjoyable

darrel c. · 7/30/2015
Piano Time

I like the app it is just a fun little thing to tinker with and create melodies and patterns easy to figure out and easy to get stated. great for beginners and advanced players alike.

Reviewer 7356 · 8/1/2015

The Piano Time is wonderful, I love it. But I have a request that can you please add more different sound to the piano, I would appreciate that. Have a nice day. Thank you

Kris · 7/15/2015
Great to play around on and my baby loves it!

I only wish there were an easy way to resize the guys because I run into issues with fat-fingering keys when trying to play multiple notes at once. Overall, great app! Maybe add resizable keys and more background color choices? :-)

Reviewer 4293 · 7/13/2015
Extremeeeeeely Great App!!!!!!!!!

I can't afford a piano, but this is basically what I need!!! And it's free!! Honestly when I'm playing I feel like I'm playing a real life piano and I've learned a couple of popular songs you wouldn't expect on a virtual piano. Highly recommended!!!!!

Reviewer 5888 · 8/9/2015

Super fun great way to learn more and you can do a duet

Reviewer 4509 · 8/9/2015

I really like this app. I love that it can record my songs.

samransak · 8/5/2015

good but if add more instruments sound such as violin, strings,etc it very good. But almost good for this app. I love it

Russ · 6/22/2015
Love it

I love the feature that allows you to use your laptop keyboard to play the notes. This app is great, and I definitely recommend it. :)



  • Play and record piano songs with 36 playable keys
  • Save and Share MP3s of your recordings!
  • multi-touch, keyboard, and mouse support
  • Configurable metronome and keyboard mappings
  • Immersive visual effects and different background colors
  • Live Tile keeps track of how many notes you've played

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Version notes

Updates for release 11: • Duet Mode - Two people can play on a tablet • Option to hide built-in recordings Updates for release 10: • Fix bug causing static when saving some recordings as mp3 Updates for release 9: • Piano Time has been downloaded 500,000 times! • Now with less ads • Added In-app purchase to remove all ads Updates for release 8: • Change playback speed • Practice songs • Warm up exercises Updates for release 7: • Save and Share MP3s of your recordings! • Less Bugs! Updates for release 6: • Bug fixes • Sharp/flat notation • AdDuplex Updates for release 5: • Save and Share MP3s of your recordings! • Select keyboard mapping (Realistic, AZERTY, Original) • Updated layout and moved advertisement • Moved background color and key mapping settings to the settings charm Updates for release 4: Improved sound quality with stereo samples Better multitouch and swiping support Cool new key press and playback animations Added Help section in Settings Updates for release 3: New live tile keeps track of how many notes you've played! Bug fixes galore: 'y' key mapping/highlighting fixed. Ad refresh no longer steals keyboard focus. Holding down keyboard keys only plays one note now.

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