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Reviewer 7503 · 7/27/2015
The best app...

So when you want to learn piano and just keep flunking up? Well this app is for you!! :D Piano Tiles, and much more! I rate it 100/100. What do you think? -Brad

Cortney · 8/27/2015
Love it

Love it wish the keys were a little bigger.

Reviewer 8820 · 6/21/2015

Sounds like a beautifully tuned grand piano and it has all the keys. Would help if keys were a little bigger though. But this sounds so great it's hard to think about that one little negative feature.

Reviewer 4755 · 8/3/2015
Nice app but...

"keys" get stuck and chording is super tricky when you're dealing with minor chords.

Reviewer 1840 · 6/23/2015
Cool! But, slightly limited.

I like this app, but I wish it could me more like a synthesizer. There are no pedals, so you can't sustain notes. But, it's a nice toy.

Reviewer 3844 · 6/29/2015
Very good but one serious problem

Piano8 is a very good application but is has one problem that makes it unusable for me. Two octaves display on my screen and I can shift the display up or down two octaves at a time, but not just one octave at a time. So being a bass, if I'm working on a part that uses octaves 1 & 2, I cannot view those two octaves at the same time. That's a serious limitation.

Steve · 8/28/2015

I love it but I really want to ricord it

Reviewer 8163 · 8/11/2015
Great App

Nice app for beginners!!!

Reviewer 1879 · 4/9/2015
Some suggestions for improvement:

1. Label keys with both flat & sharp or allow toggle between either 2. Widen keys, even at expense of losing some range within the octaves displayed. Without touch feedback, very easy to mash adjacent keys

Reviewer 6521 · 7/9/2015

Good Simple refezrence for eartraining and checking intonation . Good sound . :)



  • Free real grand piano in your device with 31 simultaneous notes
  • Stereo HQ sounds for real music production

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