• Browse and display your Picasa albums
  • Create, edit and delete albums
  • Upload, edit, download and delete photos
  • Slideshow with fade and zoom effect
  • Fill the entire screen function
  • Zoom function (Pinch-to-Zoom)
  • Detailed information for photos (EXIF)
  • Live tile support
  • Sharing albums or photos
  • Searching in your albums
  • Map view of Albums
  • Assign or edit geo-location information for photos
  • Print photos

Additional information

Version Notes

- Print photo - Multiple photo selection for sharing, downloading and deleting - Assign or edit geo-location information for photos - Displaying Album Map (for geotagged photos) - Location view for photos on the Properties panel - Supports Large Tile on Start screen - Bug fixes

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Gamal · 3/17/2014
Does what its supposed to.

Its a little slow.

Dohn · 2/5/2014
Why no shuffle for slideshow?

Can't use until there's a shuffle option in the slideshow

Jen · 11/9/2013
Picasa HD

Where are the instructions? How do you use it? Have put photos in, but what then? Can't find where to go from here. Probably end up deleting app.

Rich · 7/2/2013

Use, app before it was an app on my desktop, so I am really sure that this will be just as good on my tablet, phone.....thank you.

Egon · 1/27/2015

Was hesitant to buy, cause no ones reviewed yet. But I've tried every Picasa app in the store & there were 2 good ones, & out of the 2, this one has the edge. It's a fantastic Picasa picture app & It's Free to try for I think 7 days, Well I bought it after 2 days. It was well done. Great job on the app.

Shaun · 7/1/2014
Album Only

ugh... I wish I would have read the reviews before installing this. I loved the old Picasa.. I used it for everything, storage and editing. When we upgraded our computer I downloaded this thinking it was the same.... NOPE. As a viewing tool this is nice. It does what it says.... but I need more. I wish I could find the old one... and this should be titled differently. I also wish you could share directly from the viewer to facebook or instagram.

Lee · 5/3/2014
junk on w8

can't even tell it where the photos are (on a different HD,not C) so it shows nothing

Melissa · 2/12/2014
NOT the Picasa I hoped for

I used to use Picasa on my old computer to edit and organize my photos, and hoped this app would do the same. It doesn't. The only editing you can do is change the name and location. Where's the photo editing tools I loved in Picasa?! Glad I didn't buy this!

keith · 12/29/2013
paid but still have adds

too bad. I have used picassa for years. paid for the paid version. . their privacy policy essentially says they will give your info to anyone who pays them and by using the app you agree to this. a 3 will always be the best I can give for an app that clearly collects and sells info with "partners". I would happily pay 3 times as much for an app that did not trade info with anyone without specific permission for EACH "partner" traded with, but I suspect that the value of trading our info is worth many times the price of the app.

Reviewer 5157 · 12/17/2013
should be easier ; /

Love the way the pics look in hd, however, I cannot find a way to move or share them in groups, and downloading them individually takes a very long time. I'm sorry to say I 'll have to look for a more efficient app for managing my photos!

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