• real-time sketch adjustments
  • predefined effects
  • paper textures
  • sketch frames
  • Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Flickr sharing

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Whats new? --------------- # new effects # image and sketch adjustments # text and stickers

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Reviewer 1425 · 7/20/2015

This app is really amazing! It allows me to transfer pictures into sketches and do whatever I want with them. I can add stickers, affects and all other sorts of things. The quality is good, very good in fact, and no bugs what so ever have been reported with this app! No viruses, no nothing. 10/10.

Reviewer 2959 · 6/11/2015

A simple app that basic but fun.

SK · 7/2/2015

I like this app. It is quite limited as a free app, but the locked features show much promise.

Reviewer 2581 · 5/10/2015

I really enjoy using PicSketch. It gives me a broad variety of images from my photography. The instructions are straight forward. I really like the controls that vary the intensity of the line art. I strongly recommend this software to both graphics beginners and professionals.

Reviewer 7766 · 6/11/2015
half-baked at best

The list of UI issues is so long I don't know where to start. How about an "undo" feature? How about a "reset to original" interface? Seriously--half-baked at best....

Reviewer 7476 · 5/17/2015

ok, not that good.

LUCILLE · 3/20/2015

hi I love your app. however.....and here it comes...why is there not an "undo" icon for the last move...perhaps I didn't like it and just want to go back to where I was??? instead of starting all over... if there is an undo button that would be awesome...can you send me a note as to where it is? thank you..very much

Brian · 3/14/2015
I like the app, but it keeps crashing

I would rate it higher if it didn't keep crashing every other time I try to do something.

Flora · 10/19/2014

Awesome pics

Kevin · 8/9/2014
Glitchy Needs Work

There are several bugs/glitches in this App. For example, there is a "Special" function on the menu that puts a hand and outline over the picture your are working on, sort of a frame. But once you put it on there is now way to undo it, because the special function will not click off. The every future picture you load defaults to this hand image. No clear way to get rid of prior settings.

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