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LATEST UPDATE =========== - Fixed issues with direct messaging - You can now view hundreds of popular photos in the explore section

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User · 7/27/2015

This is really good but I wish I cud watch videos on instagram without buying the update

Matt · 7/13/2015

Great app but pictures are significantly lower quality than in instagram beta or 6tag

jullian · 6/12/2015

It's not quite user friendly and constantly notifies me of messages I already opened hours ago. When I'm on my profile and scroll down to view my photos some of them duplicate themselves, causing me to become locked in an infinite scroll of duplicating photos.

Teresa · 7/12/2015

Good app so far. We shall see after a few more days of use.

kimberly · 6/9/2015

This is a great app but it goes to so to load and reload but overall its good app to use for the full version for a nokia👍

valerie · 7/14/2015

Horrible app. Takes forever to load pictures from a page. Waaay too slow

Rodolfo · 7/27/2015

Good app, a little slow sometimes!

Lia · 5/10/2015

A bit prone to crashing, but does the job. Allows collages which I really appreciate, but often crashes while processing them. Still, it's the only decent windows app for instagram.

Paige · 5/5/2015

I mean this app is whatever. You can't watch videos, you can't look at all your photos on your profile because it keeps repeating the same ones. And that goes for if you are looking at other people's profiles. And also your picture quality goes down once it uploads. Its slow and it doesn't give you any sort of notification for when someone likes your stuff or you get a new follower. Its not anything like instagram or instagram beta that used to be for windows phones. It works but it's just a sad adjustment if you use it alot.

Alyssa · 6/16/2015

It can be slow at times, and the pages don't fully download, and when you search only one or times pictures come up