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Giulio · 8/27/2015
Windows 10 App Please help

I am using this app as a server to stream movies on my Roku app. When I open the app and get to the home, the default libraries disappear after a few seconds and it shows "now that you have the server up and running, you may want to add some content to it". At the same time, the top right corner where the list of servers are, it shows "no servers found". That doesn't make sense. I think it is a bug. I also uninstalled and reinstalled the app with no luck. As a side note I think you should allow people to chose their OWN folders to sync, and not the default windows video library, photo library and camera roll folders. Users should be able to delete these default folders and use their own. UPDATE: I am updating from 3 to 5 stars because of the fast answer from the support team. Also after using the app for awhile I am appreciating the new modern UI design, and even if not complete it has potential. It should have more features to fully substitute the old windows web client.

Jordan · 8/25/2015
Just what I wanted

Love it so far. App found my local server with ease, videos play over wifi without an issue for me. Update: Really impressed with the regular, consistent updates to this app. Keeps getting better and better. Works great on my Surface RT. Update 08/2015: Continues to work great on every device. Maintains my playback status of shows and movies and they still keep on updating the app.

Mark · 8/22/2015

I love this app and the plex suite of apps. I just wish, for my photo library, there was a way to download an image locally to my phone! Additionally, there is no way to pinch-to-zoom on photos. Unfortunately this makes the photo experience very frustrating. Thanks!!

André · 8/24/2015

Great job! This is amazing! I can access all media of my library, and the quality is excellent. Update: Has a green line on the right corner of the video when using smartphone in landscape mode.

Vincent · 8/26/2015

The latest update has really broken things. I used to be able to play music continuously but now since the most recent update (Late August 2015) the app will play one song and then just stop. Windows 8/10 version does the same thing now.

Jason Huebel · 8/24/2015
Great App, Especially for PlexPass Subscribers

If you're a PlexPass subscriber, this is a great app for Windows users. It is particularly nice on Windows 10 devices with a touchscreen. I use it on my Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro. I deducted one star, since it would be nice if it were more keyboard friendly (for non-touchscreen devices). Also, if you run the app full-screen on one monitor on dual monitor setup, using other windows on your second monitor causes the Plex video to disappear. I would imagine this is a Windows issue more than a Plex issue, but it's something the Plex developers should consider implementing a workaround for. In the meantime, I run the app maximized (which leaves an ugly titlebar), so the app remains visible while I work in other windows. If you aren't a PlexPass subscriber, then yes you have to pay $4.99 for the app. But I consider it a courtesy that Plex lets you try it out first.

Daiichi · 8/14/2015
Crippled until you pay $5.

Since no one else is pointing this out in their reviews, here's the deal: This software is crippled in that you can only use it to browse media on your server and use it as a remote for other devices that have Plex on them. You can un-cripple it by paying $5 to have it unlocked, just like almost every other Plex app on just about every platform. I can understand how they can get away with doing that on platforms where there is no alternative, but on a PC you can simply open a browser and get full functionality for free. If you have a Plex Pass, the app is not crippled, but you should know that before you waste time downloading this. You get no features from this app that you don't get from the browser version, except maybe a shortcut icon you can move around, if you don't like making icons out of websites.

Matthias · 8/21/2015
used to work quite well

Quite good even if not quite as stable as airvideo for iPad .. stretching the cover art on a surface pro 3 is a little weird but that's not an issue for the actual video playback where it works fine ... update: its not working anymore. pressing play results in a constant progress circle and a weird regular chime noise. still works fine via web and from other plex clients e.g. ipad.

Chris · 8/5/2015
It keeps getting better

The Plex app is a polished, refined client for your Plex server. The best way to go is to buy a monthly PlexPass subscription and have unlimited access to every feature across every platform. Yes, this app requires a $5 purchase to be considered functional, but the app is well designed with nice graphics/effects and the performance is better than using a web browser to access your server. All in all, it works well and looks good doing it.

joseph · 8/24/2015

Not great compared to the normal version on a computer. Needs work but will update rating when app is improved.



  • Play video from your network
  • Play music from your network
  • View photos from your network
  • Play multimedia content from online channels
  • Play video from your online queue
  • Play video recommended by your friends
  • Play photos from your PC
  • Play videos from your PC

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CHANGES IN is a Windows Phone-only release. NEW - (WP) (Camera Upload) Stalled uploads - (WP) (Prefs) Nww "send diagnostics" button in advanced section - (Video) Prompt to apply bandwidth metering when first video is played over metered connection - (Prefs) Moved bandwidth metering preference to media section - (Prefs) Music quality preference defaults to original - (Prefs) Live Tile controls - (WP) (UI) Music libraries are now three columns wide FIX - (WP) (Activation) Some users were being asked to reactivate their phone app when it was already purchased - (Sync) Optimized storage usage calculation - (Sync) Deleted sync folder in recycle bin when device has no sync items - (WP) (Music) A number of problems playing music - (WP) (Music) Fixed music player orientation - (WP) (UI) Photo gallery lists now remember scroll position - (WP) (UI) Queue flyout was sometimes stuck under appbar (nown Microsoft bug) - (WP) (UI) Add to playlist dialog wasn't showing existing playlists - (WP) (UI) Multi-select works after going back - (WP) (Prefs) Fixed slider widths - (UI) Managed users are no longer listed as friends - (WP) (UI) Video player now shows advanced media info when preference is enabled - (WP) (UI) Going back to pre-play page no longer jumps to cast pivot when no extras are present - (Live Tile) Use available connection when asking for tile content from a server - A number of user-reported crashes

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