• Play video from your network
  • Play music from your network
  • View photos from your network
  • Play multimedia content from online channels
  • Play video from your online queue
  • Play video recommended by your friends
  • Play photos from your PC
  • Play videos from your PC

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CHANGES IN FIX - A number of small bugfixes and user-reported crashes CHANGES IN NEW - (Camera Upload) Added Camera Upload to automatically upload all the images in your Pictures library - (Video Player) Support media version selection in pre-play pages - (Video Player) Support video quality selection during playback - (Video Player) Support subtitle selection during playback - (Video Player) Support audio track selection during playback - (Video Player) Support soft subtitles when Direct Playing, avoiding needless transcoding - (Video Player) Detect slow networks while streaming video, and slow servers while transcoding - (Preferences) New Media preference for controlling subtitle burning - (Preferences) Remove default filter preferences for Watch Later and Recommended sections, remembering last selection instead - (Preferences) Remove sync default quality preferences, instead remembering last selection - (Preferences) Added secure connections preference - (Sync) Use resolution and bitrate for video sync quality, instead of Low->Highest settings - (Sync) Removed ability to sync channel content - (UI) Blurred section backgrounds - (UI) Updated design for libraries on home page FIX - (UI) Hide cast and director info if not available - A number of small bugfixes and user-reported crashes

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Reviewer 0950 · 7/25/2015
Great for HTPC

I am using Plex app to stream content from my Synology NAS. It works great. The new update with in player subltitle and quality change is even better! Keep up the good work, this app is well worth the money. As a side note, Windows 8.1 environment with its new tiles/widget menu is great for HTPC use. I wish HBO and Amazon Prime video would release their app on this environment as well...

Kevin · 7/25/2015
Not Free

You get to watch 1 minute of video, and pictures have a watermark on them UNLESS you pay $4.99. Just charge for the app in the beginning. Don't get peoples hopes up that they can watch their roommates Plex server content for free and then destroy that hope. Cause then you're going to get upset customers that rate your app 1 star.

Reviewer 7002 · 6/27/2015
Great when it decides to work

Potential to be great, but connectivity issues are frustrating. Playlist and queue functionality needs to be addressed. These are basic functions that even the most primitive players have mastered.

Reviewer 9427 · 7/26/2015
Chromecast support

Please add chromecast support! Otherwise fantastic app!

Reviewer 3081 · 7/2/2015
Plex Pass Plex Pass Plex Pass Plex Pass

Why is it every where you get this app for free you can't use it unless you have a Plex Pass. I would love to pay them money since they do a great job on the plex server but gawd this needs to be mentioned. Some where before you download the app. After you sign in then you go to play it prompts for more money. I all ready bought the app on Android and then again on IOS. So I will need to buy it here too on the windows store and on my PS4 and Xbox one. <instant DELETE>

Matthew · 7/8/2015

I really love this app but if my Lumia 625 is not turn sideways(horizontal) the screen will go blanc and the only way to rectify the problem is to press the lock screen and reopen it. Please fix and I will give five stars.

Abe · 6/25/2015

Not great on win8 phone ... BUT AT LEAST THE MAJOR FUNCTIONS WORK! All other streaming apps are useless. This DOES work. NOTE: 1. IT IS EXPENSIVE TO BUY 2. YOU END UP HAVING TO BUY PLEX $4.99 a MONTH SUBSCRIPTION FOR IT ALL TO WORK ACROSS PLATFORMS & DEVICES. PLEX ought to be clear about that upfront. But at least it works and the money hasn't been wasted, like almost all apps that charge$ and end up not working.

Reviewer 2480 · 6/3/2015
Overall good Plex client but needs Sync

The client words as expected, if you aren't familiar with Plex it requires a server side component that scans and organizes your media collection. My only wish is for offline sync - the iOS version has this and it is wonderful for travel to simply select a movie or TV series and have it converted and synced to my device automatically. Add this for the last star! Updated to 5 stars, offline sync available and works great.

Jesse · 7/18/2015

I'm revising my original 3 star to 5 star. I was concerned there was no search capability, but the developer responded quickly and let me know that search was available from the Plex home screen. Also, my problem with playing synced music is gone and now it works perfectly.

Caty · 7/5/2015

Can't get it to play my favorite movies. I don't know if it is a server error or a update that doesn't install, but I prefer the PC version.

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