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Teh Kiteless · 8/30/2012

Honestly I think it's the best Dropbox client on WP, but it's missing one feature that none of the other clients have, the ability to prefetch the next image in the image viewer. I keep lots of photos on Dropbox and when showing them to friends its really annoying to have to open an image, wait for it to load, view it, close the image, open another one, wait for it to load. I am sure it's hard to do or everybody would have this feature. But for me, with that feature this app would be perfect! Thank you. (HTC Trophy)

psycheme · 6/21/2012

Has a music player !!! Thank you :D

Generic Eric · 8/25/2011

Out of all the dropbox apps I must say that this one I like the best.

Balliver420 · 3/18/2011

Works great for photos but doesn't handel other files well on my hd7 can't add videos from my phone or download mp3's to my phone, as I don't have windows so no easy access to zune

irongladiator · 12/4/2011

Works great on HTC HD7!

Nick Mendez · 10/20/2011

Will not open ANY Office files. Brings up the error report screen every single time. So, this is basically useless.

Siickb0y · 1/30/2011

Works as advertise seems to be too sensitive when your scrolling , you end up opening folders randomly other than that it works great :)

freeaxes · 2/15/2011

Started working now, but initially did not work at all. Errors about missing auth methods when trying to sign in or create a new account. Crashed on launch once with XML parsing errors.

Brandon · 6/10/2013

Multifile upload and it would be perfect.

Phantoma7x · 12/2/2011

just what I needed


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