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Craig · 7/26/2015
This is the best bible app I have found.

This is the best bible app. I have used it for years on different platforms. It works well and is fast. The best part is how easy it is to transfer my library of bible translations to Windows phone. I highly recommend this app.

Scott · 7/25/2015
Great Bible app!

Navigation is confusing to me with the hidden UI boxes. I would prefer to swipe left or right to navigate chapters and not Bibles. There is a plethora of offline reading and research options, sync, bookmarking, and note taking capability.

Dennis · 7/26/2015

Excellent, and yet it is constantly being updated and improved. If this was the only bible study app you had you wouldn't miss the others. I also buy and read books relevant to my faith from both BN and Kindle and all resources compliment the final goal.

Michael · 7/15/2015

I love this app. It comes with a lot of free extras like dictionary and other versions to compare with. I would love to see a note or highlight option for this app, however.

Rick · 6/17/2015

First rate. I have used PocketBible for years (since Windows Mobile). So easy to customize, and build a reference library over time.

Joshua · 5/29/2015

This is the best bible app in the Windows Store by far. Lots of translations, commentaries, and other study materials. Best of all you don't have to have an internet connection to use the app. The free version and books are nice (especially since it's free), but the app is much more useful if you buy the advanced features. Also, the app is available on multiple platforms so if you buy a book for Windows it should be available to read in the app on the other platforms as well.

Doreen · 7/9/2015

This is a great app with lots of features. Best bible app and has alot of versions available.

Stephen · 7/18/2015

Love app, need the Voice version though.

Billy · 6/8/2015

Great app easy to use

Charles · 5/10/2015

App is junk. Requires registration for use but will not let you register. Will not scroll or let you drop the keyboard to access password entry.