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Scott · 8/22/2015
best Bible app

Purchase the different versions once and use them across all devices - android, windows, etc. Search, sync, notes are all great tools. Keep building your library. I have used Pocket Bible since its Palm Pilot days and it keeps getting better.

Reviewer 4980 · 8/25/2015
Fantastic tool!

Very happy with my experience. Useful and fluid UI, lots of available resources, cloud syncing, stable behavior.

Reviewer 0416 · 8/14/2015
Pocketbible bible study app

Very excellent I love the fact that it have a 40 day reading plan its good for a forty day fast, and its a great bible study easy to understand I highly recommend the app.

Oneita · 8/21/2015
Great App

This is a great app. I used it in my studies on a regular basis. I really like the fact that I can copy & paste to my PC notes for reference. the only thing that would make it better is that I could add notes to scripture in the free app.

Reviewer 2546 · 8/27/2015
very useful tool

I like pocket bible for it's ease in looking up verses, I know, but have forgotten where they are. I love the fact that the bibles and study materials you download, stay with you, so that you don't need to have a WiFi connection to enjoy them. And I do enjoy them. I give it four stars, because I have to work out some issues. I have bought additional modules, and like them. I hope to see improvements, and would be willing to pay for this program.

Richard · 7/27/2015
Great Tool

I have been using Laridian's Bible software since before there were smart phones. They keep getting better and better. The Windows app for Pocket Bible is quick and user friendly. I have full access to my Laridian library. This is an excellent tool!

Micah · 8/15/2015
The best!

I had this app on my phone and now on my Surface P3 running Windows 10 and I find myself using it for my morning quiet times more than my physical bible. To really open its full potential you have to pay a little bit, but it's so worth it.

Steve · 8/1/2015
Best Ever

Great app for study or daily reading. It resides on every device I own.

DeHelian · 7/11/2015
Best bible

I've been using this application for over 15 years I think. I originally bought it for my pocket pc. Laridian has really kept their buy it once promise. While other companies always force you to upgrade whenever they make improvements or when you change platforms. The side by side viewing of the bible and notes is great. And it's fast and easy to use. The selection and quality of their bibles is the best too. I used the android version for a while which wasn't quite as good as this windows version. But it has improved greatly and matches their other versions. It's amazing how they keep the look and feel consistent across all the operating systems. Thanks.

Reviewer 8401 · 7/23/2015
Great way to study the Bible

It takes some time to get used to navigating the app, but it is so worth the time. I have greatly enjoyed my study times with added commentaries and Strong's references. The ability to add books is very useful. I highly recommend this app for anyone wanting to take their Bible study to a deeper level but doesn't want to invest in an entire seminary library.



  • Read and study the Bible anywhere. No Internet connection required
  • Move easily through Bibles and books by simply scrolling. Quickly move around the bible using an intuitive table of contents display
  • Quickly find any word or phrase
  • Display 2 books at a time with the split screen feature (up to 5 with the advanced features set)
  • Keep track of what you learn with bookmarks, highlights and notes (highlights and notes are part of the advanced features set)
  • Take study further with popular commentaries, devotionals, word study books, dictionaries (each sold separately)
  • Never lose data with the synchronization feature - backs up your data to the cloud and enables it to synchronize with other devices running PocketBible (advanced features set only)
  • Share verses by Text, Email or Facebook
  • Pin a book to your start screen!
  • Use the daily reading feature to visually track your progress through a devotional book
  • Save and re-use multiple layouts, enabling you to save the layout (panes and books) exactly as it was and come back to it (Advanced features set only)
  • Edit notes in a secondary window
  • Have PocketBible read books out loud to you

App details

Version notes - Handles a new error coming from the server when images can't be downloaded - Moved to using https for all interactions with the server - Resolves issue some users had downloading books - Included latest version of Laridian KJV Bible - Removed the message regarding Windows 8.1 image display bug, as it is fixed in the latest Windows 8.1 service pack - The message displayed when trying to access an advanced feature no longer uses a Windows message box due to its unpredictable behaviour (sometimes crashing) in Windows 8.1. - In a few rare cases Windows 8.1 has a bug with the updating of the live tile. We have hopefully stopped it crashing when trying to update the live tile, and will try and gather further information so that Microsoft can fix the bug. - Worked around a Windows 8.1 bug causing a crash after the application has been restored. - Better handling of css styles when converting some notes - Fixed a crash when using Ctrl+Y to display the copy flyout - Put in place a potential work around for a crash that occurs when selecting a book in the library. The crash is caused by another behavioural change in windows 8.1 - Fixed an issue with setting the email address for crash reports

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