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Suraj · 8/25/2015
Downloads - faulty

I love this app. Best wp podcast app by far. But... Downloading has massive glitches. Often, when I download a podcast, it disappears after a few seconds. I've downloaded the same episode a bunch of times just to see this problem repeat. I think 30 - 40% of the time, I get by without a download issue. But most of the time, the problem exists. Looks like I have to use my mobile data to listen to podcasts :( If only this problem didnt exist..I'd have given 5 stars...Pretty decent UI and awesome UX. Ive given one star so someone takes notice and also, since they're already highly rated, wont hurt them much.

Sascha · 8/9/2015

Best podcast app on Windows Phone by far. Even better than my Android favorite Beyondpod. Customize automatic downloads, subscribe to authenticated feeds, smart playlists that are easy to set up, just to mention a few. Get it you won't regret it!

Pavan · 8/21/2015
Make this a uap for windows 10 please!

Not a huge fan of the interface. Prefer the win 10 interface anyday. This should be modified to UAP to work on both desktop and phone and use the new design guidelines.

Brian · 8/15/2015

This is a great app, but there isn't much competition in this marketplace. Still missing one feature, 2x playback speed.

Lorenzo · 7/30/2015

Okay app. Why does adding new podcast favorite not initiate downloading of latest episode? Why is clearing up of podcasts so limited? Needs a bit more options to clean up episodes.

Michael · 8/23/2015
All you need for your podcasts

Create play list, download podcasts, listen to podcasts and a sleep timer so you can fall asleep with your favorite podcast. The best.

Omar · 7/9/2015

Runs nicely, stable, etc.. But the UI is very basic (and not even intuitive). Lets just say pivot control without knowing what are the side pivots are in general a bad design. Consider using pivots like in OneDrive or Facebook? Also UI too stretched in 1080p screens. Finally, get rid of the weird menu you get when doing a long press. There are better menus...

Cameron · 8/1/2015

I do love using them app but I have rum into one problem. I will be listening to my podcast offline for an hour or so and then when I go to switch to another on all the downloaded podcast are gone for the phone. So I can only listen podcast with the cell data.

william · 6/25/2015

I've had probably ever Podcast app. in the store and this one is definitely the best. Even if you only keep the free version, it's way better then any of the others, but for a couple bucks to make it even sweeter is well worth it. I love listening to my Podcasts and it's so much nicer with a great Podcast app. like this one.

Kevin · 6/26/2015

This is really a fantastic app! I use it every day and am loving it. Nicely done.


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2.5.5/4/3/2/1 Updates - Bug fixes 2.5 Update - Added support for language translations (US & UK English current) - Load speed optimisations - Added ability to turn off background image - Improved background sync reliability/debug - Revised OneDrive credential requirement - Numerous fixes and optimisations 2.4.5 Update - Playback status more accurately reflected in episode lists - Deletion on podcast completion now shows in UI properly 2.4.4 Update - Bug fix 2.4.3 Update - Bug fix 2.4.2 Update - Bug fixes and optimisation 2.4.1 Update - Bug fixes and optimisation 2.4 Update - Added ability to setup individual podcast sync configurations - Background sync agent optimisations for extra reliability - Added shortcuts to playlist and sleep timer from the player screen - Added ability to share podcast from program page - Moved player controls lower down the player screen - Favourites view counters refresh correctly - Many more fixes and optimisations