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Henrik · 8/27/2015
Designed for phones, not tablets

The app works well (but certainly not flawlessly), but is obviously designed for tiny windows, not tablet screens. The interface is very light on information (just big pictures) and the actual player interface is minescule and very difficult to navigate with precision - if the podcast you are listening to is 2 or 3 hours long, don't expect to scroll to the timestamp you want.

Reviewer 0626 · 8/24/2015

For listening to podcasts, it works, but a few annoyances need to be addressed. Allow me to remove or move the "Featured!" group. I want my favorites first. Also, continue playing the podcast even if the app is minimized (I'm using it on Windows 10).

Reviewer 2919 · 8/9/2015
Can't build playlists

You can't make playlists. You can't automatically download an entire series. You can't get rid of the "Featured" podcasts on the main screen. Main screen itself is poorly designed since it shows both "recently listens" AND "Subscriptions" right next to each other, which means two whole sections showing almost exactly the same thing. The controls are in the top right which cuts off most of the title of an episode. There is no way to move the controls which means when an episode ends, you have to guess which one to play next. Also, in the episode lists, there's no indicator as to what you have listened to or not. The playback controls are too small to use your finger with, you HAVE to use the stylus for anything other than Play/Pause. Oh, I DO REALLY LOVE that you can adjust playback speed!! This is Awesome! But that aside, almost everything else with this app needs serious redesign.

Rohit · 8/2/2015
Thanks for making my commute easy

Very easy to manage my subscriptions. Only glitch is often it cause my phone to crash when on Bluetooth.

Reviewer 3053 · 8/2/2015
ipad pocasts app 100% better

compared to the podcast app for ipad this app is horrible. the podcast starts over instead of where you left off. Fast forward and the rest of the podcast runs speeded up mode. It doesn't delete podcasts you've listened to. There is no way to even tell what podcast you've listened to and which ones you haven't.

Chris · 7/12/2015
It Could Be Good If.......

they had some basic functionality and customization. 1. currently no way to get back to home screen without using "back", tedious after searches etc.... 2. Ads that you can't even pay to get rid of (this will probably be a deal barker for me) 3. Can't order my content and the things subscribed to are pushed back and "featured" content pushed to front on home screen. Need to be able to have my "home screen" as I like. (again possible deal breaker) 4. No way to set a directory for podcasts downloads for offline listening 5. Times out quite a bit during searches 6. Needs better handling of audio AND video podcasts. 7. Expand the catalog a bit more beyond the bog standard is needed.

Reviewer 7552 · 7/9/2015
Very streamlined podcast delivery

I was a bit skeptical about this app based on other reviews. I'm glad I decided to run the install. Interface is friendly and works flawlessly on my VAIO Ultrabook. If you are at all familiar with Win8 basic search function, searching for podcasts and adding them as favs will be a breeze. It took me less than 3 min to get my investor centric podcast lineup set to favs. I feel this app makes my usage sooo much more efficient and integrated. Highly recommend to any user with IT common sense!!

Jonathan · 7/6/2015
Serviceable podcast app

the interface is nice but it behaves strangely sometimes. Sometimes the audio will cut out if the app is running the background. If I want to listen while working I need to keep it snapped in a quarter of my screen. Its nice having a podcast app that works through windows 8, but this is just a little clunky. It would also be nice if you could search for things other than the names of podcasts (such as the name of a guest, host, or description).

Reviewer 3303 · 7/10/2015
Best Windows 8.1 Podcast App

Great app. Streams seamlessly. No unneeded features. My only issue is that sometimes it won't continue to play while minimized, but this may be a setting that needs to be changed.

Reviewer 3801 · 6/23/2015

Found the podcasts I was searching for. It plays them properly. I think this is what it's supposed to do. Any complaints of no search capability are false. When the app is open, just access the charms bar, select search and then select Podcasts! as the search location. Found all my usual podcasts there.



  • - Stream audio and video podcasts for FREE!
  • - Subscribe to your favorite podcasts!
  • - Download episodes for playback even when you're not online!
  • - Automatically keeps track of your recently played episodes and where you left off!
  • - Quick and easy search!
  • - Background audio playback - fully integrated with the Windows 8 system audio controls!
  • - Fully supports rotation and snapped modes!
  • - Browse the catalog or add any podcast with an RSS feed!
  • - and much, much more!

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In this update - we've added username and password support, a basic offline mode, a few new background colors, and several bug fixes.

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