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Khánh · 7/16/2015

It's the best podcasts app ever in WP. I think it's better than the original podcasts app of Microsoft

John Borg · 6/22/2015

Please add playlist option

pat · 3/22/2015

App worked well for awhile,but now I can't download podcasts since I put a micro SD card in phone

Alex · 1/11/2015

UI looks good, but is slow to respond to input if it does at all. As far as the list of podcasts available, I can maybe get half of the ones I listen to on a regular basis. Great idea, needs work especially if you want anyone to spring for the paid version.

Adam · 12/13/2014

My only complaint is that when I delete a podcast from the downloaded area they dont disappear. Otherwise I love it.

Long · 12/8/2014

Last update was August 2913. Don't expect them to update the app. The pin to start feature is great if the downloads would show up. You basically have to go to the main app.

McGoo · 11/6/2014

Extremely buggy. I tried to download an episode of the thinking atheist from 4 weeks ago, and it crashed my phone. My hard buttons wouldn't work for 25 minutes. I thought I would have to take my phone to best buy and have them do a hard restart, but my phone eventually restarted itself. Extremely frustrating. Usually opening a podcast tile will render your phone unusable for 2 minutes while the phone tries to figure out what the hell it's doing. If it weren't that Microsoft's new podcast app blew so hard I wouldn't bother with this one. Also, I find the interface extremely ugly. Please fix it, because Microsoft seems to have no intent on fixing theirs. Update: After the crash my camera firmware won't work. Front facing and rear camera won't activate when I launch the camera app. Us this podcast app at your own discretion. The fact that it can cause something like this to happen is just ridiculous.

Jeff · 10/17/2014

No. Won't play some common file types. No control over wifi vs data. When a player doesn't even match up to the native player, which already is severely sub-par, it's really bad. Why bother if you aren't bringing anything to the table?!

Daniel · 9/9/2014

Good subscriptions. Not as good as iTunes in playing podcasts. Needs to have an easy way to stop and come back to the same place. Needs to move to next when one is done.

Cas · 8/26/2014

All my podcasts are on iTunes so this is a good replacement, but I hate having to scroll down for 3 minutes every time I want to hear early episodes, maybe add a easy to sort podcast's or play order from old to new.


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