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Micheal · 1/11/2014

Why can't anybody make a good podcatcher for WP8? Maybe I have been spoiled by BeyondPod, I guess I will have to continue using my old Android phone for podcasts.

Seth · 9/3/2013

LOVE this app but v sad that it doesn't work on my 920, even after multiple patches :(:(:(:(:(:(

Kathryn · 3/18/2014

My only qualm is that new subscriptions don't auto-download all past episodes. Other than that, it is awesome!!

Brandon · 2/7/2014

Great app. Clean interface and does the job of capturing ur podcasts. Enter URL or browse popular feeds. Great addition for Win phone users.

Mustafa · 10/10/2013

Nice podcast app. Why not five stars? 1. Sometimes a listened episode doesn't get deleted. A bug. 2. Updates the subscriptions each time you start the app; uses my data plan because I often listen to podcasts when I drive. Would be nice if I could disable auto refresh and only manually refresh it. 3. Would be nice if the episodes that I already listened are grayed out to distinguish them from the ones I haven't yet listened.

Andrew · 9/26/2013

Back to four stars! Reinstalled again and all issues are addressed. Overall, great app!

Mandi · 9/11/2013

Used to work great but now ceases at startup... Please fix!!

Dan · 8/30/2013

I like the interface, but I can't control playback from my Bluetooth headphones. Also, not being able to download unless connected to power is a little limiting when you're on the road.

Don · 8/29/2013

1. I would like the ability to make a program disappear after I listen to it. 2. I have a limited data plan. I download podcasts so I don't use up my over-the-air data; however, even though I downloaded when I listen to a podcast it appears to stream the podcast and my airtime gets used.

David · 8/20/2013

Version is still crashing on startup. When this app works, it's great. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to use it at all recently due to the startup crash bug (VZW Lumia 822).


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