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User · 3/25/2013

The app force closes everytime I open it and the developers email doesn't work... Lumia 900

Michael · 4/5/2014

Concept is great but parts of this are clunky and it hasn't been updated at all. Like searching for an address if you have a lot of entries is too cumbersome. Also, no spell check or word complete. Come on guys....

Darren · 9/21/2013

Used it a few months ago and again just now. Works great except for one minor detail: can't resize an image. It also will squish an image to fit the postcard distorting the image. This should never happen... It should give crop and resize controls instead. Vital function sacrificed for simplicity sake. The other postcard app in the store does this one thing much better, but the rest of that app is terrible.

Aaron · 2/6/2013

Phenomenal! It has issues when you try to send a "portrait" picture but when you do landscape there is never a problem. So basically you sometimes have to crop your portrait-photos in another app to get it to select the correct section. Even with that one drawback I still love this app!!! Sure hope they update it soon.

User · 11/16/2012

Works quite well, other than a couple interface quirks. Improvements I can think of are: Better photo cropping control, text auto complete on message entry, and the is default date selector. Otherwise great!

Doraemon918 · 9/8/2012

Sent postcard first time today. Pretty painless and easy. However, if could be better by having landscape typing for the message.

nyx799 · 8/1/2012

excellent app. i sent and received multiple postcards already.

Player402228883 · 7/16/2012

Does not let me pick an address from the address book. Can tap on contact, but it doesn't register. From there, if try moving forward, it says "Please pick a contact to send to," over and over.

ville penttila · 7/12/2012

Awesome app! It asked my friends mailing address on my behalf, easy to use and love all the editing features!

cing cong · 7/10/2012

Easy and great price to print and mail a custom postcard.


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