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Pat · 8/30/2015
Exactly what I was looking for!

What I like: It syncs with my laptop and desktop which makes it great for keeping track on campus or at home. It reminds you what is coming up as windows notifications, which is cool. The grade tracker is cool. Completing assignments is easy and grade entry is easy. It does what it should. What I don't like: I find the Agenda tab less useful because it is a broad summary of what is coming up rather than a nice specific layout on the Day tab. As a college student I am looking that the Day tab more than anything else. The scale of the Schedule tab is too large making it feel strange and uncomfortable. It makes me feel like I am viewing a screen of a low monitor resolution. The Calendar is more useful than the Agenda tab. The assignments are a little messy when displayed on a single day - maybe list the total amount of assignments due on the day in text then exams could have a special icon.

Rebecca · 9/2/2015
Easy to Use

This app has been an easy way to organize all my assignments for class and for work. It's helped me keep track of when my classes and work schedules are as well as remember details about them.

JT · 8/31/2015
Absolutely fantastic

Incredibly easy to use, but at the same time very powerful. I'll definitely be using this in the future. The only thing I'd request is the option to add more details to a class, such as the instructor's name, their office hours, etc.

George · 9/1/2015

If you don't have this app you're doing something wrong.... However I wish that it would be compatible with my windows phone lock screen. I can't get a "quick status".... Also, don't get "effectual". It's super slow and tedious. Sounds good in concept, but the desktop app is unbearably slow and frustrating.

Austin · 9/3/2015

It's supper cool to lay out all your assignments. I wish you could put assignment for things that are every week assignments instead of putting them all in individually. It has lots of colors to keep you organized and with live tiles it shoes your closest assignment that is due.

Reviewer 3324 · 8/29/2015
Not Bad!

The app is well made and it its easy to use but, there are a few minor issues that can be address. When I am at the DAY tap I can only go backward. I try the arrows and the mouse wheel but it only go back in days. In the AGENDA tap when I write something it appears but it will be very nice if I can change the order of the thing I put in this tap. The other is in the CALENDAR tap, when I change the month with the mouse wheel sometimes it start swinging right left continuously until it stop. Other than what I have mention the app have being very useful.

McKenzie Ann · 8/28/2015
Great App!

I have always liked using online/electronic calendars, but have in the past used paper planners for school because I didn't want all the little things like "study for the upcoming exam" and "read pages 4-24" on my regular calendar. But Power Planner fixes that!!! It brings all my school onto a separate calendar altogether and makes it easy to have the schedule and little study reminders in different places. It's just an all-around great app and I love how it allows me to have a separate calendar for school like my paper planner but it's also on my phone and laptop so it's always with me and isn't taking up space in my backpack. Also! It syncs! So I can check my agenda on my phone that I created during class on my laptop! Highly recommend giving this a try!

Reviewer 4504 · 8/27/2015
More Options

This app is wonderful. A lot of the options it has work well. However, there are a couple options that I believe should be integrated into the system. 1: It should have a way to show office hours of a class. Maybe where it is faded or it's a smaller bar on the calendar, because right now it's obnoxious to see classes clash with each other when really it's just office hours overlapping a bit. 2. A lot of students are part time workers now in days. If the planner had an option to add a "class" in the schedule as work that would be cool. I already kind of do this, but maybe if they added an option to take out some of the cludder such as units and grades since it's work. I really can't think of anything else besides that. I really love this planner, and have been using it more and more as I've continued my education.

Chris · 8/26/2015
Rocking my world

I am an obsessive tracker. This is the first app that meets all my needs for course tracking + assignment+ testing. It really helps me prioritize my order of work. I take a lot of classes and its great to have all my work organized and easily editable so I can better manage my time.

Reviewer 1179 · 8/30/2015

Excellent app. Great for controlling my tasks. The only reason I do not grant the fifth star is because it does not provide a similar app for Android. I can only use it on my tablet. Not on my phone. Great job! Congratulaions for the developer!



  • Manage homework and exams
  • Online sync with WP8 app
  • Multiple years and semesters
  • Manage class schedules
  • Calendar view of assignments
  • Automatic reminders for homework/exams
  • Calculate grades and GPA
  • Attach images

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