• Explore the folders inside your libraries, removable devices, HomeGroup and media servers
  • Explore and play videos side-by-side
  • Play Matroska (MKV) and Flash (FLV) video files (experimental)
  • Load captions (subtitles) into a video
  • Advanced touch, mouse and keyboard controls

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Version Notes

r14+ - Improved playback of MKV and FLV videos - Remember the recently played videos and their positions - Lock-screen button r8+ - Update for Windows 8.1 - Subtitles: Change font size and support SAMI (.smi) format r3-r7 - Save the media player's settings permanently - More fine-grained media controls - Load subtitles embedded in MP4 files - Other minor improvements r2 - Experimental support for MKV and FLV files - Many visual and functional improvements r1 - Initial release (explorer, media player, captions, advanced controls)

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Will · 3/1/2014
Bad playback on MKV

Choppy playback on MKV. Not acceptable.

William · 11/19/2013
Functional, but secretly $10.

If you want support AND want to get rid of ads, it's two separate payments of $5. That was a bit misleading.

Ivan · 7/23/2015
Replaced MPC-HC with this one. Really good.

Plays everything. ANSI subtitles support out of the box. Keyboard support during playback. Remembers play position. Great on Windows 10 as can work in a window.

Adrian · 2/24/2015

So far best media player app with all features but dosen't recognize all subtitles format for example I have one folder with Romanian subtitles on Ondrive (I think is a.SRT format ) but when I load captions and select that folder the subtitles doesn't appear and I have to search on web for another subtitle

John · 3/8/2015
remember mute

when playing videos with tracks it forgets mute and play audio

Michael · 11/2/2014

Love this app, integrates well with external devices (SD).

Chad · 11/1/2014
Ads and Conversion and Lack of Proper Networking

First, there are ads in this application. One is overplayed, and the rest are banners that float at the top of the screen. You need to pay to get these removed. No thanks, it's a video player, stop trying to squeeze out money for a simple app you probably got paid for 10 times over already. Assuming, but still... Second, their is no built in network navigation. You have to start searching by the computer name in a URL type bar before you get to the folder hierarchy. A little advanced for average users. Finally, almost every MKV file needs to be converted. The quality is okay afterwards, but it takes a while if you are looking for a quick HTPC setup. Whoever releases an app that plays MKV for free with no ads will jump to the top of the charts.

Samir · 9/24/2014
Nearly in

Works whit SRT subtitles perfect: just what I need! But it fails to sync audio by pausing and playing the video, needs fix.

Stephen · 9/10/2014
Good Video app

Good playback. Good support for Windows libraries and external drives.

Ju�tiN · 9/1/2014
Best Video Player Yet

I LOVE how I can switch between videos and this app seems to remember my last position and start from there. I also love that you can swipe volume down on the right, and timeline to the left. Love the options as well to repeat or play once. Love the ability to play next video, previous or select videos within Modern UI. One small, small issue is sometimes I get overlapping options on the bottom. Not often though, and it's pretty easy to fix by clicking around. Fix this and the app is almost perfect.

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