• Discover new titles by category, country or language preference
  • Share your opinion by supporting or opposing a story
  • Comment on articles and participate in the ongoing discussion
  • Bookmark articles to read later, or save them to Evernote & Instapaper
  • Create alerts on topics you care about
  • Share stories by email, Facebook and Twitter
  • Read publications just as they appear in print
  • Set up auto-delivery for your favorite publications
  • Translate stories in up to 16 languages
  • Start reading on one device and pick up where you left off on another

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Peter · 7/17/2015
Love it!

No more carrying the paper with me. Works really good and easy to read, I actually read more of the paper. Would be five stars if the app allowed you to see more of your account settings and such. Would be really good if you could authorize and reauthorize devices on your own instead of contacting support and having them do it like I had to.

John · 6/18/2015
Great for people who love real newspapers

I love the access to so many newspapers in their original format. I read several national and Local papers and having the original format and the convenient access is great. Also it is less expensive than subscribing to the individual papers. Great app love the update. JJ

Reviewer 3748 · 5/24/2015
Great app

The app is stable and useful. Who could ask for more!

Rodney · 3/29/2015
Can't get paper

Suntimes I subscribe to and I cant' read it.

Jed · 2/3/2015
Almost there

This app is generally smooth and works well, giving me a way to read my newspaper in its printed format. However it's unfinished compared to its iOS counterpart. Where are the hyperlinks at headlines and page jumps? Why do I have to quit the app to get it to reload today's issues? The Surface Pro 3 I'm using this on is a better format for reading papers like this but the experience is let down by developer apathy. Let's see this app get some attention!

Reviewer 9317 · 7/17/2015
New Version

New Version is much better, smoother, more user friendly...and it works.

George · 4/26/2015
Great news app.

Auto download is great. Works with Chicago Sun-Times newspaper subscription logins.

Charlie · 3/14/2015
Press Reader

I find that this app is not as user friendly as it could be. I find that I must download manually issues that are set for auto download.

Reviewer 1049 · 4/14/2015
Lousy App

Every time this app is updated, it is harder to use. I am unable to open several day's worth of newspapers simply because I didn't open them on the original download day. I wish there was an alternative app I could use to read thru New York Post.

Lawrence · 4/11/2015

I really enjoy leafing through the paper like the old days! Nice app.

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