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Scott · 7/7/2015

This is a very beneficial application and being that if is WP OS, it is extremely motivating and stress free in order to sign up and hopefully graduate to A WP Preview Developer. It has given me the push that I needed. Especially since what started out as a hobby turned passion, turning into a waste of effort throughout the the 8-9 months I spent trying to develop a application for Android OS between the 4.0.1-4.1.2 era. I've been successfully accepted as a preview developer for Windows Phone. I updated my HTC ONE M8 too WP 10, and I must say that it is a sufficient revamp, not as much a overhaul as 4.0-4.1 or even 4.4-5.0... There are such gestures that I did notice, and my favorites was the background for the Start Screen. You can choose you're own design and edit it too your preference. Can't wait for the official release for both Windows and WP. I say that BC now going on day

Shazid · 8/5/2015

PDF users are not getting the GDR 2 update...

Michael · 8/30/2015

Nice work guys I like the idea of getting early updates on new software.

Avri · 4/15/2015

I was tired of waiting for AT&T to release Denim for the Lumia 1020, so I'm glad I could install the updates via this app. A couple of problems though: 1. Some apps don't recognize the preview release as an official version of Windows Phone software, so you cannot install them. This poses problems if you need to update an app to use it, like the MLB At Bat app. 2. I'm also experiencing a strange anomaly where the OS thinks I do not have an app installed, shortly after phone update automatically runs an update check. Specifically, this is an issue for me with the Twitter app. The app icon remains on the home screen but is grayed out, and if I tap on it, I'm prompted to install the app from the store.

Desmond · 4/24/2015

Dear developer, please help update this app for those using the wp 10technical preview... I just installed the preview as a developer and i am finding it difficult to login into the app. Each time i touch on the text field to input my username, the whole screen becomes black... I need help please so i could get the next available build. Thanks

sirajum · 8/4/2015
Love it

Excellent job

Diesel · 7/24/2015

One of the best apps in the store. I used this to get Lumia updates before and now 8.1!!!😁😁😁

Aaron · 3/22/2015

Would be great if OEMs could release early device firmware previews too... with warning of course. Make it an additional toggle with a prompt about danger of beta firmware. Better yet, separate device firmware and radio firmware where possible to further reduce carrier test dependency. Also, please make the app use our integrated Microsoft Account the same way the Windows Insider app does.

wesley · 2/17/2015

My phone is running cyan PFD & says I'm up to date when we know denim is out there not quite sure why I'm not entitled to the update.

Carl · 1/17/2015

It does exactly what it says it does and it does it simply without a fuss. But if you are using a Nokia phone with the special Nokia updates, it will update your phone to the next WP update without the Nokia part. You can restore some functionality by turning off the preview, but mostly you will have wait until the next official release to correct it, or restore to factory default. In my case, the Windows Phone for desktop app in the Microsoft store stopped being able to synch with my phone. I got around this problem by installing the previous version, available for download from Microsoft, but not available in the store. I gave the low rating so people would read this. The app itself, outside of Nokia phones, is fine.


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