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. . v5.6 + UI refresh - many, many tweaks, fixes, optimizations, and improvements + Added aspect ratio shortcuts to the main viewfinder + Improved startup speed (~0.3-0.5 sec), general performance improvements, #seemsfaster + Improved HDR + Drive mode is now reset to 'Normal' on app launch + Several bug fixes to aspect ratio, resolution, and point AF + v6.0 was delayed due to Windows 10 announcements. We will resume work on it shortly :)

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Alexandra · 7/24/2015

this is an amazing app. I wish the front facing camera would have a 1:1 ratio option like the back camera does, though.

Huy · 7/8/2015

It would be better if the app can itself rotate without the effect of rotation lock.

Jason · 7/4/2015

So far, really impressive. I have it on my home screen, big rectangle so I can easily launch it. Wish it was the default camera, but I'll get over the instinct to hit the default button the more I use this awesome app.

patrick · 6/22/2015

Great stuff, detail customizations, there're a lot of great camera app out there, I can't think of any other that can best this. I believe the UI can use a little bit of work, be a bit more intuitive. Great work.

Eufer · 7/6/2015

Best of the best! Great for macro shots! Keep on coming and please do more in Windows 10!

Paulus · 7/1/2015

A very good alternative to Lumia Camera Classic. I used this rarely previously on my (now broken) Lumia I use it often on my lumia 1520 since Lumia Camera 5 does not suit to my photo preference (oversharpening and 90% gives bad result especially in indoor low light photo). There is a known problem with photos result using front facing camera (especially for old lumia models i.e. lower than 5mpx). Using proshot I can adjust the saturation +2 for ffc and the result is much better. Simpler than some methods some people suggest by using video and then using moment in Lumia Camera 5 or using live filter on Camera360Sight when using ffc (and the result is still not that good).

Mark · 6/14/2015

The best camera period - if you understand cameras then this app is a must for great photos... If your a novice you might not understand what all the features do but rest assured they produce great photos on a fixed lens camera.

Chiagozie · 7/10/2015

The app says it's trial even when its bought. New bug... Keeps coming up on Windows 10 Mobile

Hideki · 6/15/2015

Great app if you like to control your photos!

Tomas · 6/14/2015

Quite good, has cool features like hdr and timelapses :)