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. . v5.6 + UI refresh - many, many tweaks, fixes, optimizations, and improvements + Added aspect ratio shortcuts to the main viewfinder + Improved startup speed (~0.3-0.5 sec), general performance improvements, #seemsfaster + Improved HDR + Drive mode is now reset to 'Normal' on app launch + Several bug fixes to aspect ratio, resolution, and point AF + v6.0 was delayed due to Windows 10 announcements. We will resume work on it shortly :)

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Tim · 7/26/2015

This is hands down the best app on windows for taking pictures, if you know how to use it. The camera on my 640 went from taking ok shots to taking amazing high quality photos.

Alexandra · 7/24/2015

this is an amazing app. I wish the front facing camera would have a 1:1 ratio option like the back camera does, though.

Huy · 7/8/2015

It would be better if the app can itself rotate without the effect of rotation lock.

Jason · 7/4/2015

So far, really impressive. I have it on my home screen, big rectangle so I can easily launch it. Wish it was the default camera, but I'll get over the instinct to hit the default button the more I use this awesome app.

patrick · 6/22/2015

Great stuff, detail customizations, there're a lot of great camera app out there, I can't think of any other that can best this. I believe the UI can use a little bit of work, be a bit more intuitive. Great work.

Eufer · 7/6/2015

Best of the best! Great for macro shots! Keep on coming and please do more in Windows 10!

Paulus · 7/1/2015

A very good alternative to Lumia Camera Classic. I used this rarely previously on my (now broken) Lumia I use it often on my lumia 1520 since Lumia Camera 5 does not suit to my photo preference (oversharpening and 90% gives bad result especially in indoor low light photo). There is a known problem with photos result using front facing camera (especially for old lumia models i.e. lower than 5mpx). Using proshot I can adjust the saturation +2 for ffc and the result is much better. Simpler than some methods some people suggest by using video and then using moment in Lumia Camera 5 or using live filter on Camera360Sight when using ffc (and the result is still not that good).

Mark · 6/14/2015

The best camera period - if you understand cameras then this app is a must for great photos... If your a novice you might not understand what all the features do but rest assured they produce great photos on a fixed lens camera.

Chiagozie · 7/10/2015

The app says it's trial even when its bought. New bug... Keeps coming up on Windows 10 Mobile

Hideki · 6/15/2015

Great app if you like to control your photos!