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Michael · 6/11/2015

That's flippin sad, I bought this to ensure I get to play a game with no problems. Since I can't set the frame skip to 0, the sound is off key and it doesn't even show any text for dialogue! It's sad that I've downloaded a free gb emulator and get more options... Fix this and I'll consider a redownload C:

john · 1/11/2015

Can't download any games due to copy right this is bullsh*t

Andres · 8/3/2014

All the games I download now are sent to the Purple cherry x app even though I no longer have it downloaded

Trevor · 6/9/2015

Other than the fact that it freezes sometimes when I exit a game, its a great app

Tristan · 7/28/2015

I love the customizability of this emulator. I can't give it 5 stars however, because I cannot get it to run Shantae properly.

Sean · 6/13/2015

Was worth every cent, exactly 129 of them.

badwolf · 6/4/2015

Nice app, works even on my crapy Lumia 521. The sound is sub par, but I never wanted to listen to gameboy songs or sounds anyway. Love the SkyDrive/OneDrive features

Alphonse · 1/19/2015

I have enjoyed playing on this so much that I bought the full version. However, I lost it when I had to do a hard reset and now am faced to purchase again. Can I possibly be credited so I can get the full install again? Five stars otherwise, love the style.

User · 10/1/2014

Works well except the sound has a lag issue. It seems slow and changes speed rapidly. The game state crashes on Pokemon Blue when you blackout from losing a battle.

User · 4/3/2014

This app is great for most of the gameboy dx n color games work though the PS 2 n64 n other emulator seem to have a problem maybe due to space but for the most part it is pretty user friendly n most of the roms work yes most not all of the gameboy games work. The sound on most of the games sound choppy but the games itself aren't that bad Sep a few that I have searched. Newayz its still worth it aside from those minimal issues its a pretty great app for the price im satisfied n the games dont take long to download.if I were you id still get it you can save n start playing most of your favorite games right away. Yaaaaaa😏😏😏 o n plz admins fix the problem with the other consoles. Newayz good app enjoy.