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This update adds ARM support, and makes the input field floating with the output.

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Costello · 12/1/2013

Hi Im a developer who works with windows desktop (windows 8 apps aren't my area of expertise) and I would like to ask you if you could port a full implimation of python 3 (With input and writing of programs directly in the app) Now im rating this 5 stars because again im a developer so I know how it feels if you get a bad review for something beyond your control. anyways I am aware that there are many limitations to the windows 8 file system and if you cant add these features its ok because its beyond your control. Sorry For My Awful English! :P

Cameron · 10/26/2012
Neat idea

Great idea, lack-luster execution. Input box at the bottom of the screen loses focus if you select text above. This means that once you start typing, it'll ignore the input. Also annoying is that the input doesn't show "inline" with the prompt -- as is tradition in interactive shells :)

Max · 10/18/2012
cool, but ...

It's very cool that you got this working, but one annoyance is that if you type an expression/statement and hit enter, it doesn't auto-scroll to the bottom so you can see the result right away ...

Jon · 12/9/2013
Happy this exists, but....

This app really needs some work. Don't get me wrong because this is a strong start for a Python Interpreter, however, the lack of support for things like input() or the fact that the help call throws an error for anything past help() make it difficult to run any code at all.

Brian · 12/27/2013
Not very useful

1. It would be better if this was more like Idle. 2. It's a shame that there isn't a Python 2.x version, since it still carries the lion share of Python dev.

Reviewer 5837 · 7/27/2014
Constantly crashes.

This app constantly crashes on my Surface RT, particularly if I'm trying to print things out.

Jeff · 5/28/2014
Doesn't work

Won't load scripts, UI is completely messed up

Astro · 2/22/2013
Sure it works but...

This app CANNOT receive input from the user. Everything has to be hard coded. VERY disappointing!

Thatcher · 1/12/2013

It's a bit glitchy, but it works fpr what I use it for. Thanks so much for porting this!!!!! Now all I need is 2.7... it's more compatible with my style of coding.

Robert · 12/7/2012

I get the splash screen and then it immediately crashes. Please fix

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