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kaleb w · 8/14/2015

It does it so quick and easy 10/10 will reccomend it

Jason · 8/24/2015

Terrible app. Doesn't recognize codes most of the time. Must hold still while app true and retries to read the code. Best QR Reader I found is "QR.biz". Check it out!

Carolyn · 8/11/2015

App works great except for reading it so quickly that you don't realize it's scanned it already..i end up scanning it 3 or 4 times.

Jaxter · 7/16/2015

App couldn't get a lock on the QR graphic... Kept flashing"Hold still...". I gave up after about 20 seconds, and switched to "Scanner", a free tool that caught the graphic before I even saw the image on the screen! Don't bother with "QR Reader".

Myran · 7/9/2015

Great, easy to use.

thang · 7/14/2015

So good! Easy!

kaushal · 7/29/2015

Fast and quick...nic app

Mike · 7/3/2015

I like the fact I can scan and get info on the product.

Devin · 8/19/2015

Scans perfectly, even from a distance. 10/10 would scan again

Eli · 6/15/2015

This is the only QR reader I can truely say is spot on. It is extremely accurate, and I have never had to rescan a QR code because it read it wrong. It is very intuitive and easy to use. The phone I have it installed on doesn't have the sharpest camera either, and it still is never wrong.


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