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Jaxter · 7/16/2015

App couldn't get a lock on the QR graphic... Kept flashing"Hold still...". I gave up after about 20 seconds, and switched to "Scanner", a free tool that caught the graphic before I even saw the image on the screen! Don't bother with "QR Reader".

Myran · 7/9/2015

Great, easy to use.

Mike · 7/3/2015

I like the fact I can scan and get info on the product.

Eli · 6/15/2015

This is the only QR reader I can truely say is spot on. It is extremely accurate, and I have never had to rescan a QR code because it read it wrong. It is very intuitive and easy to use. The phone I have it installed on doesn't have the sharpest camera either, and it still is never wrong.

Margaret · 7/3/2015

It's cool! Works great. Easy to use.

Stefanus Aditya · 6/27/2015

Easy to use and simple

Sergio · 6/28/2015

Dependable and easy to use.

Christopher · 6/29/2015

Has failed to scan every code I have tried. Keeps refocusing and saying hold still, but even propped up and perfectly aligned it never recognizes the code! Uninstalling, does nit work at all with this Nokia phone.

Tony · 6/29/2015

Gets the job done.

Sergio · 6/13/2015

Quick and easy,