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User · 8/14/2015

Having been a simple eq-observer most if my life, I do appreciate this app, especially the alert feature. I wish those alerts were sooner than their average 30 minute delay, but something tells me that time span is not an option for this app's creator to change. Thank you much for your work 😊 Tumbleweed

John · 8/19/2015
This is one of my favorite apps

Great little app, use it daily. One of the free apps where I made an in app porches and didn't regret it. Works great on Windows 10 Mobile Preview too.

Shelly · 7/27/2015

Most excellent. Find the seismograph button and see the readings in 24 hr blocks for regions, plus readings for individual quakes. Very Interesting stuff in there.

Cynthia · 7/30/2015

The best app for earthquakes notification, and way faster to tap the app and find out what magnitude of earthquake just hit your area than trying to get to the USGS site

Julie · 7/27/2015

Its thorough I wish there was an alarm somehow to for warn but natural disasters come when they are ready.

Mr · 7/25/2015

Should also show total for 24hrs, similar to earthquake pro. Also shows significant 30 days and so on.

Gus · 8/7/2015

Awesome app!!! Way better than others I have tried, this app is truly a must have if you want to track earthquakes.

Bimala · 8/17/2015

Best apps. Hope update must be superb with map share.

Brian W. · 8/10/2015

Great app.Thanks !!!!! This is the best-EVER,earth quake app I've ever seen,Spectacular !!!! Thanks Again !!!!!

Michelle · 8/10/2015

Updates seemingly on a per-event basis. Well-designed, fairly unobtrusive app. Much appreciated.


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