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Admir · 7/9/2015

I have used this app on Android and thought have it will be sad without this app, and guess what I found it. Five stars for effort, every possible bug could be corrected insaAllah.

abbas · 10/3/2014

Best until now. thanks

Omar · 8/10/2013

Amazing Qur'an app, jazakumullahu khairan for bringing it over from Android. The best app for reading Qur'an on your phone. Just wondering why it allows for vertical scrolling?

yahya · 6/23/2015

Mashallah, the application is packed with features and well designed.

Arif · 1/21/2015

Very Nice and Useful. May Allah give you the best rewards. Suggestion: waiting for update of the recitation. The recitation is not stable and also not smooth for the transition of verse by verse.

Mohamed · 12/8/2014

I used to use this app on my Android phone. It was the best 'Quran app on play store.. Now I'm excited to find it on Windows store hoping that it will reach the same standard as the Android app... Great work guys... Gazakum Allah khayran :)

Amjad · 7/10/2014

The frequent updates made this app excellent. I like the multiple bookmarks feature. I use it solely for reading but people can use it to hear Qur'an.

Bijak Riyandi · 7/6/2014

this is the best Qur'an app for Windows Phone! the night mode really help saving battery particularly for those who uses a phone with AMOLED display... the ayahs are accurate and easily readable in portrait or landscape mode Jazakallahu khairan :)

Abdalkarem · 6/15/2014

Building on the success achieved on Qur'an Android. This is the Best Qur'an App on WP8. Period!

Izyan · 4/29/2014

Good app. Thanks developer :) Update : I would like to see the final version of this app. Need more feature like from Android device. Please develop it to the final version. Thank you :)