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Reviewer 6350 · 7/11/2015

Very nice and helpful app. I like the big fonts in it which makes it easy to read for people with low eye sight and also the translation . One suggestion is, if you could add more than one type of translation if possible otherwise its absolutely perfect MASHA ALLAH. May Almighty ALLAH reward you for every effort the team has put in making this app. JAZAK ALLAH KHAIR

Reviewer 6914 · 7/9/2015
Very helpful indeed

Very helpful indeed Thanks brothers for this application. It would be perfect if you could add Abdel Haleem's translation or the translation who made by Abdel Hakim Murad, but still a great job really.

Reviewer 3348 · 7/6/2015
Jazakum Allah khair

I wish I could continue reading a new Surah after the finishing the previous one. It might be a windows 8.1 issue. I have a surface 3. I have to go beck to the index to open a new Surah.

Sharjeel · 6/22/2015
So many functions!

This Quran App is one of the best I've ever read compared to the many Ive used on Android and IOS devices. InshaAllah hopefully this app can make it to Android also. Especially love the different Quran indexes, 2 simultaneous translations, and bookmark syncing. Very cool! JazakAllah khair brother and May Allah ease the hardships of yours and your family and reward you greatly for this amazing app, Ameen!

Syed Rahil · 7/29/2015
Best Quran app for windows

I love it. Wish it had the option for color tajweed. But still awesome mashaAllah

Reviewer 6206 · 7/5/2015

This is the best app ever with great setting choices, that I did not find in any other app. Thank you so much for the developer, I can finally delete all the other apps on my computer and just keep this app. May God Bless you.

shujauddin · 6/23/2015
it has some voice issues

apart from the voice issue its one of the best application...JAZAKALLAH ALF KHEIR

Reviewer 5904 · 5/28/2015
Awesome app!

Probably the best Quran app online with great features and really easy to use. Thanks to the developers.

Reviewer 7652 · 7/21/2015

Brother, I like the Quran on computer. I have it as daily reading.

Reviewer 2554 · 6/23/2015

this is good,very good

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