• Clean, dark, fast, and modern
  • Threaded comment view
  • Share to reddit from other applications (or share reddit articles to others!)
  • Works great in snapped, portrait, or landscape view
  • Navigate to ANY subreddit without needing to subscribe to them
  • Save comments as a draft and submit them when you're ready
  • Double tap on headers and comments to collapse them
  • Optmized for touch and mouse/keyboard
  • 30,000ft view of all your subreddits
  • Navigate with vim keymappings
  • When docked, supports opening links in web browser tabs

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Version Notes

New in v1.6 -Lots of bug fixes -Theme support! (Look in the settings panel in the charms bar) -UI polish For more in depth info go to retro-for-windows.tumblr.com

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Tyler · 11/16/2012
Good Layout/Functionality, but....

The title of the Reddit post appears, but the body of the OP doesn't always fill in. Unreliable in that area.

Brendan · 11/13/2012
Needs updates

Missing basic needs but looks great

Bradlie · 11/9/2012
Slow, limited functionality

This app is meh - I like the home screen, but the app is very limited in functionality compared to some of the other apps on the store, and it is very slow on my surface. Decent start but I hope more work is planned.

Edward · 7/21/2014

This is the most simplistic modern/metro design reddit client on Windows 8 that I am aware of.

John · 3/6/2014
Pretty slick

Only real complaint is the box that pops up for commenting. When you're using a Touch-Screen it is a little weird. Ok, and the vertical orientation is awkward. But, I love that it can snap, and it is a really clean design.

WhiteNuns · 12/27/2013
Could be the best, just needs a couple of tweaks.

Fast, nice looking. My one change is that I would like to know which sub reddit each article is in when viewing the front page without having to click on it.

Chuck · 12/21/2013

Love the look and layout, but for some reason any gifs load super slowly, and continue looping in super slow-motion whereas in other apps, gifs are slow as they first load, then speed up to "regular" speed and loop. *Update* Works fine on my PC - encountered this problem on my Surface so that may not be the app's fault.

Jeff · 11/25/2013
Great design, easy to use

In addition to a decent reading experience, can create subreddits, filter content, etc.

Cody · 11/13/2013
Solid App

Runs well, nice layout, fluid. My only gripe is lack of showing what subreddit the link is to when on the FrontPage/all. You have to click into the picture/article to see what subreddit its from, if this was displayed on the left hand side with the comment count and URL it would be perfect!

Bryan · 9/18/2013
Great interface...

It just needs a way to save pictures.

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