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Dylan · 1/15/2013
pretty good, but still a few gripes

Frequent crashes and restarts have made using this app irritating. I a uninstalling and finding something a bit more stable.

J. Immanuel · 11/18/2012

App is extremely broken. Most content loads improperly or doesn't show up at all. Great concept; frustrating implementation.

Tyler · 11/16/2012
Good Layout/Functionality, but....

The title of the Reddit post appears, but the body of the OP doesn't always fill in. Unreliable in that area.

Brendan · 11/13/2012
Needs updates

Missing basic needs but looks great

Edward · 7/21/2014

This is the most simplistic modern/metro design reddit client on Windows 8 that I am aware of.

John · 3/6/2014
Pretty slick

Only real complaint is the box that pops up for commenting. When you're using a Touch-Screen it is a little weird. Ok, and the vertical orientation is awkward. But, I love that it can snap, and it is a really clean design.

WhiteNuns · 12/27/2013
Could be the best, just needs a couple of tweaks.

Fast, nice looking. My one change is that I would like to know which sub reddit each article is in when viewing the front page without having to click on it.

Chuck · 12/21/2013

Love the look and layout, but for some reason any gifs load super slowly, and continue looping in super slow-motion whereas in other apps, gifs are slow as they first load, then speed up to "regular" speed and loop. *Update* Works fine on my PC - encountered this problem on my Surface so that may not be the app's fault.

Jeff · 11/25/2013
Great design, easy to use

In addition to a decent reading experience, can create subreddits, filter content, etc.

Cody · 11/13/2013
Solid App

Runs well, nice layout, fluid. My only gripe is lack of showing what subreddit the link is to when on the FrontPage/all. You have to click into the picture/article to see what subreddit its from, if this was displayed on the left hand side with the comment count and URL it would be perfect!



  • Clean, dark, fast, and modern
  • Threaded comment view
  • Share to reddit from other applications (or share reddit articles to others!)
  • Works great in snapped, portrait, or landscape view
  • Navigate to ANY subreddit without needing to subscribe to them
  • Save comments as a draft and submit them when you're ready
  • Double tap on headers and comments to collapse them
  • Optmized for touch and mouse/keyboard
  • 30,000ft view of all your subreddits
  • Navigate with vim keymappings
  • When docked, supports opening links in web browser tabs

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Version notes

New in v1.6 -Lots of bug fixes -Theme support! (Look in the settings panel in the charms bar) -UI polish For more in depth info go to retro-for-windows.tumblr.com

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