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andrewus · 11/7/2011

Great concept, I feel myself in GTA now :) One problem is app doesn't understand that my phone have no compass and doesn't change to GPS automatically.

Roadhawk1905 · 10/19/2011

It's taken me ages to find a simple app that will let me record a waypoint and then guide me back there. I would love to see the ability to store several custom points, and also some sort of warning that you are going to lose your recorded point if you press custom. I do a lot of geocaching and often need to find my way out of the woods and back to the path, car, bike etc. and I would hate to press the wrong button and lose the recorded direction to where I need to get to. Add these features and I will give you a 5. Oh, and you may want to change the name or make it easier to find in the marketplace. I stumbled across it and even searching for "Radar" doesn't bring back a hit in marketplace.

Cameron · 12/18/2013

5 stars

Gary · 5/14/2013

It was great until updates stopped! Still a decent app though 😊

Talal · 6/11/2014


LPMLJM · 10/31/2011

Update - Since their most recent update, this works pretty good now. Definitely worth a look now. If they keep improving, it could become one of my most used apps.

RGW55813 · 11/3/2011

Useless without being able to set endpoint on the map

treo750v · 11/21/2011



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