• Customizable application home screen. Home screen will also be automatically arranged to make it easier for you to reach your favorite music!
  • Record your favorite stations to playback whenever you want!
  • Automatic Station Scanning. RADYO can change stations automatically until you like a station!
  • “Play To” support. Listen to your favorite music over your favorite device!
  • Listening History. You are looking for the song you’ve just listened? You can see what you have listened recently, find them on Youtube or Bing/Google with one click!
  • Sleep Timer
  • Multi-format support. RADYO supports nearly all popular streaming servers. You can listen to streams of Windows Media Servers, ShoutCAST, IceCAST and direct file.
  • Playlist file support. You can open .pls, .m3u, .m3u8, .asx,.. extensions.
  • radyo:// url protocol. RADYO supports it’s own url mechanism that lets listeners easily share stations between them.
  • Multi-Language and Multi-Region support! RADYO immediately localizes itself according to the current country and language.
  • Song – Artist images. RADYO will automatically show currently playing song’s or artist’s images!
  • Automatic station-list updating service.
  • Clever custom station importing support. If you can’t find your favorite station, add it automatically in just seconds! No previous experience required!
  • Local file import. You can also open playlist files downloaded over internet. Just drag them on to RADYO icon or double click and open them with RADYO! You may also import from inside the application
  • Most listened stations
  • Auto-play last station
  • Favorite list
  • Sharing features (Between applications and Twitter - Facebook support)
  • Dynamic categorization and search system. Immediately filter out station list even in your custom lists or favorites list!
  • In-App contact form

Additional information

Version Notes

+ Fixed an issue that prevents some users from connecting to any station. + Performance improvements have been made. Attention Please: Some devices with older display cards may cause RADYO and any other media based applications behave unexpectedly. Display card manufacturer are currently unable to find a solution for this problem. Because of this, the only known working solution is uninstalling your recently updated display driver and letting Win8's default WWDM1.1 driver do it's job. Tips: - Move your mouse cursor to the upper right corner of the screen and move it down to reach "Search" and "Settings" section. (On tablets, just swipe your finger from the right border of your device towards left) - By right clicking, functions related to the active screen may be seen. (For example, selecting and discarding a recording, cleaning song/listening history) - If you have questions, instead of using the reviews section of the application, please use the contact form located on windowsradyo.com or the feedback form integrated in the application. (Because of the technical reasons, it is not possible for anyone and RADYO to contact and respond back to help requests written in the reviews section of the application on Store pages.)

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Kory · 7/2/2015
Functions well but is pretty CPU hungry

Playing the same stream compared to old moldy Winamp, Radyo uses 8-9% CPU and Winamp uses about 2-3%. This will drain your battery pretty quick considering it's just playing music. I think it could use some optimization.

Reviewer 4016 · 5/29/2015
Solid and Easy to Use

Just make sure that you have your billing info in order BEFORE you try to pay the premium $1.50 fee. Well worth the payment, though, quite a few stations work, and I have confirmed that some of the Japanese, US, and Argentine ones are live broadcast streams.

Reviewer 8897 · 5/22/2015
Great App

This is one of my favorite apps. Very easy to use, and very stable

Reviewer 7973 · 7/4/2015
I hate this thing

How do I uninstall it? If I could rate no stars I would.

Clint · 1/24/2014
Doesn't connect when tune in could

Was looking for an alternative to Tune in -- which is pretty awful in its win right --but Radyo couldn't connect to my sports station when Tune in could at least do that. Disappointing

Amb.Mukhtar · 9/9/2013


DANNY · 4/24/2013
great ap.. but...

Really love this ap for shoutcast streaming purposes. However, this thing is eating up 7.5GB of storage space!!!! I have no recordings, never have recorded a stream at all in fact.. so have no clue what is eating up all the space? Sent an email to support to address why so much space is eaten up.. and if there is a way to clear it? What are others seeing? Update.. as of April 24th.. no response from developer regarding so much space being taken up by this ap. Now at 7.9GB?!

Fritz · 3/24/2015
Great streaming player

I use this for listening to di.fm premium stations, and RADYO is much better than the DI website. It integrates nicely with Win 8 and uses the hardware keys on my laptop. You can double-click a downloaded .pls file (with only one station per .pls) and it will import automatically. Free version is pretty fully functional at this time.

Tomtheterrific · 1/31/2015

Everything I could possibly want on a group of stations, especially the classical and fold music- Wonderbar!!!

Ed · 10/19/2014
Great Streaming Radio App

Love this app. One of the better radio streaming apps I have found. Has a sleep timer which I really like but wish MS would allow Radio to add alarm to wake up. Easy to add custom stations. Only issues is I haven't found easy way to just delete regions I don't want on app start screen.

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