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Lewis · 8/19/2015
Good, but not prefect working

I signed in My Google Drive, Dropbox... its working. love it. But, BaiduYun is unable to show any file.... Box is not working.... please try to fix this. Thanks. you did a great apps.

Donald · 6/20/2015
Unable to Login to 2 Accounts

I am unable to login to my Box.com account (Network Error every time). Also, my personal OneDrive account that came with Windows 8 works as a SkyDrive account, but I am unable to login to my educational OneDrive account through the college website authorization gateway.

Jason · 3/28/2015

I can't actually access my files. this app does me no good.

Geoff · 3/5/2015
If it don't fix my issue

I hate having to scan documents n fill in the blanks n then scan it again and I have to save the as an attachment to the email the ... its all to much there has to be an easier way

Reviewer 5311 · 10/18/2014
Box is not working

Gives a 'network error' message when attempting to contact Box. Too bad, because I've got 50gb there. Needs to support more services. I would pay for a service that I could use like that, e.g., drag and drop between services, create folders for different purposes on diff services (such as making one public)

Patrick · 9/24/2014
Strange Lists

Forces lists of files into odd sorting options such as 1.Date 2.Name. This sounds like no biggie, but it breaks them up into unconventional sub-groups such as A-F, G-L and / or September, October, etc. Why on earth do people try to reinvent the wheel and force a strange and difficult manner upon this. Whats wrong with just using the same style as M$ etc. Uninstalled. Using Google Drive in a browser is just easier than this.

Roger · 7/26/2014
Not sure what this is for

I thought this would be a place where I could get to my 3 different cloud drives. I guess I can, if I sign in EVERY to each service. Then I can read my doc. It tells me I can download - and then tells me it can't reach my service. Whatever that means. Either I'm not smart enough to use this (which is possible) or it doesn't do a heckuva a lot. Either way, I won't waste more time on it.

Ebrahem · 7/25/2014
Not working for Google drive & drop box

Not detecting internet for Google drive when trying to login & giving wrong link error for drop box before getting username & password prompt. Not sure if it's a problem with the app because some other Surface apps are not detecting my internet though I have internet on others!!!?

claire · 6/24/2014
thumbs up

perfect!! i added drop box google drive SkyDrive!! just when I get to add box it says error connection. cannot figure out what's going wrong

Jeremy · 6/3/2014
Works great except with box

Every time I try to add my box account I get an error message about my network connection. Works just fine with my OneDrive, Google Drive, and Dropbox, but I just can't add my box account. Using a Surface 2



  • - Integrate Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive, Box and BaiduYun.
  • - Support multiple accounts log-in for each cloud storage.
  • - Upload/Download/Delete files to or from supported clouds.
  • - Auto-categorize files by photo, music, video, office…file type.
  • - In-app playback file formats: Images, Videos, Audio, etc.
  • - Search files across all cloud accounts.
  • - Share file link via email.

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Version notes

** v2.4.0 updates ** ‧ Fix Baidu login issue ** v2.3.0 updates ** ‧ Support BaiduYun cloud storage ** v2.2.0 updates ** ‧ Fix issue to show file name in the file list when uploading files ** v2.1.0 updates ** ‧ Rename to file/folder ‧ Improve thumbnail display speed. ** v2.0.0 updates ** ‧ Box integrated. ‧ Faster performance: Improves the file list loading speed. ‧ Support German and French. ** v1.4.0 updates ** ‧ Add folder path to show where you are and to jump to any folder in the hierarchy. ‧ Support Google Doc files. ‧ Improve thumbnail quality. ‧ Improve Photo browsing speed

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