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DC · 8/30/2015
Wonderful selections...

When I decided to try rdio for the first time, I did not really expect very much content, but boy was I surprised! The song selections are awesome...and...there's something for everyone. I just love how you can create your own stations to share with others. I have been totally satisfied with the music that is available on rdio, but there is a down side for me. It may be just my computer system, but rdio gets a little sluggish sometimes and I get a little annoyed when the app is slow to respond. It does not happen every time I use rdio but it is still annoying because I have to close rdio and start it again--the only cool thing is that it takes me back to where I left off when I closed the app. For me, that is still a bummer because it should not happen, so I have to give this app just a satisfactory overall rating. Even though my rating is just okay, I would still recommend the app to everyone who enjoys listening to music because of the excellent music variety and awesome selections.

jeffrey · 8/26/2015
Is it just me or...

I love RDIO, and having a dedicated Win 10 app is awesome, but is it just me, or is the font a bit fuzzy in the app?? Note: none of my other apps, browser, etc have fuzzy font. Just Rdio, Also, it is a bit sluggish at times

Reviewer 4553 · 8/24/2015

Love rdio but the windows app is not great. It stops playing via remote if it loses focus, the fonts are really ugly, it occasionally forgets how to play music and just keeps skipping tracks.

Jack · 8/24/2015

good variety

Jon · 8/20/2015
Great App with Options

This is a much better app than I anticipated. On my other streaming devices and desktop I generally use Pandora. I upgraded to windows 10 and decided to check this app out. It's essentially the same except you are given more options and no interruptions. You can decide to just listen to an artist, listen to similar artists, or set it to find artists that may be on the fringe of what you are listening too. This is my new go to while working. My only option I would like to see and this may be available with a touchscreen device... is the ability to backtrack through the songs that have played so you can rate them without interrupting the current song.

Issac E. · 8/30/2015
Every bit as good...

Every bit as good - if not better than another radio station with the exception of the fact you can actually find most of the full albums or CD 's with all the contents with - in. I love this site.

charles · 8/19/2015
Great Music Deserves A Great APP

I love the selection ot music and the app really makes it easy to move around to different types so you get a varity of different music, I am having a problem of getting my playlist over to my windows player to add it to my other music can you help?

agresnif · 8/21/2015
all good

I'd rate higher if I could find the shuffle for my playlists

Shane · 8/13/2015

Love rdio. Their abilities, layout, and easy are so nice. I like how you can create your own playlists (and the ones they offer are quite good) listen to a song as many times as you want, and their selection is great.

Reviewer 1038 · 8/15/2015
Great !

Great for music discovery and social / sharing features are refined. Paid subscription works out to be very affordable and economical with cross platform support as well. I had no problems streaming good quality audio to either iOS or Android or even Windows Phone. Strongly recommend if anyone is looking for a music streaming service.



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