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Reviewer 3922 · 5/14/2015
New color scheme

The news is dark and depressing enough, we don't need the black and gray making it look even darker!! It would also be nice if it could be slightly more tailored as to which publications we see.

chris · 8/23/2015
Just what I was looking for

Great app. best thing is that it allows to explorer topics without googling them. 5 stars

Reviewer 5301 · 5/21/2015
G News

This is a visually appealing app, and it is well laid out. I have only one suggestion for improvement: the ability to search for stories would be very helpful. Thank You.

Reviewer 8909 · 4/20/2015

The Reader is good, but you need to avoid news items that only give one or two lines of info and then make you subscribe to the publication to receive anything further..... eg Wall Street Journal.

Reviewer 0878 · 4/22/2015
Aboriginal Australian Art Tells the Most Important

When trying to read this article, I see the server with a date of 2015/05/01 and cannot read the article. Please fix this. Thank you. Alida Emerick

J. · 4/11/2015
Too many pay walls

This is the ultimate reference site given its scope and coverage. However imagine the frustration when you see an interesting article and then get stopped because you don't subscribe to the news source. Why doesn't this app include a filter to eliminate sources that place their content behind a pay wall?

R and D · 4/13/2015
Very Nice Reader

Great news..easy reading on the eyes.... I really am impressed with it.

dan · 3/11/2015
black box

ditch the new York times. they cut me off after ten times reading one of their articles on the google reader and therefore, since you have chosen their pieces to inform me, I am denied access to information, unless I subscribe to their newspaper. say, how about a response from you!

Joseph · 2/18/2015
good overall

Viewing on windows 8.1, initially the stories scroll left to right on the screen. Once an article is selected the reading screen flows top to bottom. My preference would be for both methods of navigation to flow top to bottom.

ROD · 2/10/2015
A nice change from MSN!

Clean and crisp visually, no junk and adds all over the screen, with the very latest news. THANK YOU!



  • Reader for Google news feeds
  • Simple,Clear, and intuitive design.
  • Small size,Great performance, and very stable

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