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Geoffrey · 8/28/2015

This app on Windows 10 always crashes. It's a great and convenient PDF reader app to annotate PDFs using inking, compared to other apps, even compared to Adobe's own Acrobat Reader. The interface is simple, and by drawing on screen with a pen, the app will detect that I'm using a pen, and start inking. But the crashing is what's making it hard to use, as my annotations always disappear after a crash. You guys should update this app for Windows 10, and make it a universal app. This app has lots of potential as I really love the inking feature, if the crashes are fixed, I will definitely come back to use this again!

John · 8/30/2015
Works great, can print see below

I see reviews complaining that you can't print from this app. You use the device charm to print and choose your printer and it prints. Other people claim that can't get out of full screen: learn to snap apps. Drag from the top of the app and dock it to either side to multitask. Someone complained about having to swipe through many pages of long documents: you can pinch to zoom out and see thumbnails of the pages. C'mon people, learn to use the new Windows. It's really not that hard.

Jenna · 8/23/2015
Can't save after making notes with pen

Used to be really useful for taking notes, now it is useless to me because I get an error every time I try to save a document after writing on it.

Charles · 8/22/2015
Windows 10

Update for Windows 10 or deprecate from the store if it will no longer be supported. Wish List: -Open multiple instances/windows -Transparent tile

Tod · 8/16/2015
Needs TTS but very good app

App has improved since I last wrote review but now with Windows 10 the icon is not showing up on my PDFs when I have it set as my default app. (just uninstalled and reinstalled and the icon's are showing up.) I use "Share to Speech" for most of my Text to speech needs. Would love it if you could save password protected PDF's but it looks like I will have to buy another program for that. I use a Surface Pro 3 and this app has grown on me. I prefer it over the desktop version Adobe Acrobat. It would get 5 stars if it had a "Text to Speech" or "Read Selected Text" option similar to the iPad. Not having the Speak Selected Text option as a standard option in Window 8.1 is a big downside. The Narrator is terrible. Microsoft could learn something from the developers of the apples "Voice Over" option in iOS. All that said, I like this app and would recommend it to anyone who does not want/need TTS.

Grant J · 8/19/2015
Needs just a few changes and it would be great

This is a great pdf reader, but it's missing two main features that are forcing me to use Adobe Reader instead. The first problem is that you can't set the app to open new pdfs in a new window. Each pdf you open is opened in the same window. I often need to have multiple pdfs open side by side and it is a pain to do this with the app. The second problem is that you can't open a new window of the same pdf. Often I need to have two windows of the same pdf open so that I can compare two different parts of the pdf. This isn't possible with the app as far as I can tell. Also, it would be nice if there was an option to set the zoom to equal the page width (like in word).

Ashfaq · 8/15/2015
Great app

It's definitely a simple and easy-to-use app with a nice UI. It would be better if this app could be updated to match the Windows 10 UI, but don't remove the full-screen button!

David · 8/13/2015
Good app but it needs more features

-please add more viewing options. -please add more features (snapshot, inking, etc...). -app performance can be a little better (caching of large PDFs).

Reviewer 8081 · 8/10/2015
Needs work on 2 things

1) when you write on documents with the digital pen, the words scribbled always move up, so you don't know where your writing is going to end up. There is no precision. This problem does not happen in other programs, like OneNote for example. 2) I've been using this a lot for school, math specifically. I use this app to look at my textbooks. It would be very helpful if you were able to copy and paste the images and texts. Other that, its an awesome app, simple and easy to use. P.S. creating bookmarks should also be integrated into the app. Right now you can only view them, not create them.

Michael · 8/18/2015
Great app easy to use

I love this app and use 99% of the time over Adobe Reader - much easier to navigate on tablets. I still use Adobe Reader for some work, especially editing, but I use this app every other time.



  • Fill in forms, add notes, and highlight content.
  • Save, share, and print.
  • Quickly return to files you've opened recently.

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