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Garrett · 7/27/2015
Does what I need it to!

I'm not sure what all of the one-star reviews are. I think it works great. Very fluid, the design is intuitive (for those familiar with how apps were built in Windows 8, I suppose if it was my first time approaching the "right click brings up the menu" design it could be confusing). Haven't run in to a document I can't open with it. It's free and best of all it's a MUCH smaller download than Adobe Reader's desktop client!

Jason · 7/25/2015
Love it

I love the semantic zooming, the page numbering, the back arrow, the recents page, the speed, but what I don't like is that sometimes PDFs aren't clear. They're fuzzy! But other times, the same document is clear and sharp (at the same zoom and everything). I don't get it. Maybe the renderer is out of whack or something. Also, sometimes when filling in fields, it won't save, so I have to exit the document and open it again to type more and save it quickly before it decides not to let me save. I also wished the pen support would allow different colors than just black.

Reviewer 4007 · 7/24/2015
This sucks!

I am, admittedly, a non-techie but I can usually find my way around a laptop or PC to get done what I need to. In this case, I cannot for the life of me find out where I can switch this program off of full screen mode. It allows me to go either full screen or minimize. I would like to be able to refer back to a document, while typing an email for example, without having to toggle between the two screens. I have a large monitor so I can do that, but this program has prevented me. I'm sure there is a way to do it, but I cannot easily find it. As difficult as IOS is to work seamlessly in the business world, I should have stuck with Apple because it is far easier to use on my laptop.

Edward · 7/31/2015

Wish it had more annotation features but as a reader and for basic annotation it's my favorite. It has NEVER crashed, unlike another feature heavy PDF reader which has crashed literally almost every time I have used it. There is something to be said for reliability.

Reviewer 0208 · 7/17/2015
Simple but flawed

While this app is good in some areas it does miss pretty hard in others. One problem that I have is the search function is inconsistent at best and straight up broken sometimes. A small quality of life update would be different highlighter colors to make it a bit more friendly for marking up different things. Being able to annotate text is an absolute godsend however and that feature has worked flawlessly for me since day one. I do feel compeled to say that the lack of a search function that works 100% of the time is edging really close to a deal breaker. The real shame is when it works, it works beautifully. Completely matches my needs in what I want from a search function. However, as it seems to not work literally 70% of the time I find it hard to really praise it. Bottom line is this is a great reader app. It just needs to be ironed out a little more to become a 5 star app.

Jeffery · 7/24/2015

I find this extraordinarily difficult to use. Why not just use the standard menus for saving a file and printing. The standards are much, much, much, much easier to use. Maybe not as colorful, but far less frustrating.

Yechen · 7/6/2015
Still lacking, but improving

Main things to improve: 1. The magical number of "5": Why I can't open more than 5 files with my Surface Pro 2? Isn't the point of paying premium Pro version of your HW to be able to handle more? Why make it an artificial limit on all devices, instead of just making it a limit on RT, which have limited RAM? 2. Auto-save. It can still be handled more transparently. Take note from both apple and drawboard in their notation of "implicit save". Not going to go to details about why due to text limit. 3. Pressure sensitivity. Why make your surface pros stylus pressure sensitive when one of your "killer" apps don't support it? I have seen many updates of this app since then on reliability. But overall the feature set remains unchanged. This led me to get Drawboard PDF which removes all my main gripes about this app. I feel like it is more like a bugfix app that if MS did any better, we shouldn't need to purchase. Plz make your SW work with your HW just like Apple and Google has been doing.

Reviewer 8961 · 7/10/2015
Oh! Surprise. Can't open PDFs on Win8. I'm shocked

Basically windows 8 allows you to do nothing on your computer. You are not allowed to use your office prog unless you pay monthly. Have to register to activate ANY programs. And of course.. you may not open a PDF by clicking on it. Reader says no. Prob have to pay monthly for it or something. What a bunch of bulls**t. Happy to have this chaos and reduce productivity to zero.

Reviewer 8187 · 7/30/2015
Windows Everything Sucks

While this is the best app that windows have to offer, it crashes frequently and is always in need of some made up repair done by, you guessed it, Windows.

S. M. · 7/31/2015
Very fast and fluid.

I love this app. Does what it is supposed to do, working as a PDF reader and it does it very well. Smoothest PDF reader I've ever used.

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