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Version Notes --------- * Detailed notifications setting - turn it off to disable detailed notifications * New comment collapse animation - much faster/smoother * Fixed the last common crash bug

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Royce · 7/27/2015

Clean, fast, intuitive and constantly updated. Much better than Baconit, having tried both. This app is much more elegant in every way. It can only get better.

Jacob · 7/26/2015

Better than anything else I've used. Occasionally crashes, but on this terrible phone everything does. Looks great, intuitive, smooth, and easy. If I could change one thing, I'd make the post voting thing different, so that you don't have to hit it twice to get to down vote.

Gonzalo · 7/22/2015

The app it self deserves 5 stars, BUT, there still some basic things that are not solved or done very well yet, like the battery drain, the urgent need for a password to enter the app. However, the app as a Reddit client is the best I have ever seen, actually I prefer to navigate here than in the webpage :v

Zdenek · 7/15/2015

Readit is an incredibly easy way to run through reddit posts. Super efficient. Thanks!

Zach · 7/8/2015

Error when trying to login, no code listed. Tried to get support on r/readitforwp but can't because the sub is private... even though I was already subscribed! What gives! This app used to be great, better UI, better functionality... But with 8.1 its a battery hog and videos never load, even before this new error nonsense. Going back to Baconit.

sam · 7/5/2015

Quick note on the latest patch: The reader view which displays websites has been updated from the truly horrible Google reader view to a much nicer and well styled view that fits your phone. This is a welcome improvement and makes that feature usable again. I'd upvote it. 2.1 fixes the issues from the absolutely horrible launch of 2.0. This is good. But not great. The font is now readable, that's a bonus I guess. There are still a plethora of issues. While the entire app is now free I'm now receiving ads in my paid version. This is a step backwards. This apps developer has talent developing apps and it works well, but their process seems to be to release multiple broken versions prior to an actually useful version and then breaking the app again. This concerns me and additional care must be taken in testing. I'm redacting my last critique, on reflection I think I was wrong. Now a new feature added late June is ads. Now my app that I paid for to remove ads has them. What is going on?

Tiago · 7/1/2015

Awesome app. Hands down the best reddit experience for any platform. Also, the developers are constantly in touch with the community and doing a great effort to improve it even more.

Jordan · 7/10/2015

This is my favorite reddit app. HOWEVER, the least few updates in the last couple months seem to break the app more and more. Today my sub reddit list won't even load. Literally useless now

Jack · 6/30/2015

Beat reddit app, especially with design and in-depth karma breakdown. 10/10

Tutik Pita · 7/11/2015

Used to be the best reddit app. But now, after the update, I can't login and it loads so slow. Please fix this. Thank you.