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Josh · 8/30/2015
Taskbar icon is really blurry

Using a Surface Pro 3, and the task bar icon look like a blur. Maybe because it's high PPI? Also not sure if the live tile is live? Would be nice to just show a few SFW threads from the home page on the live tile. Otherwise everything seems pretty great.

Justin · 8/23/2015
Best Reddit app with great developer support

Very good and highly recommendable Reddit client, especially over standard website. Side bar is sweet. And the developers listen to your comments too and fixed the login issue. Just a couple more changes and would be 5 stars.. subreddit searching (jump to) is confusing due to having to type the exact subreddit name.. getting to saved articles is tedious.. back button in tablet mode has long delayed

Joseph · 8/21/2015
Does not remember logins..

It's a really good Reddit client but it doesn't remember your logins - it forgets it at will (at least in Windows 10) and it's annoying to have to login and grant permission over and over and over and over again. Otherwise, this would be great. But having to log in my accounts every few launches of the application gets old fast. EDIT: The update fixes this issue.. The best Reddit app on Windows 10 platform out there!

romil · 8/17/2015

Best across all platforms. Need to be little more faster. Great design, lot of updates Carry on the nice job

Clint · 8/15/2015
Good start

There needs to be a way to vote on a post while within the post itself. Would like a button to collapse and open comment threads instead of just clicking on the line of text at the top. I believe putting the comment count to the left and making that a button that turns into the number would be the best way. Would really like to be able to use the back button on my mouse to jump out of posts. User profile screen would be better served with tabs I think instead of dropdown menus.

Vitor · 8/14/2015
Need a light theme ASAP

Dark theme is good, but sometimes, it's just too dark. A light theme would be awesome! Also, links from reddit inside the app, should open on... the app. When I click to show pictures, it "eat" some part of it. Scroll bar also is hard to find.

Paul · 8/25/2015

Changing between accounts is currently broken for me. App freezes when I tap on the other account, then crashes when I press Back.

Arvind · 8/14/2015
Clean, Simple and Stable

Solid, clean and Stable reddit client i have used so far. The navigation is clean and the black theme is awesome, although having a white theme would be great. All-in-all the best client i've used so far across multiple platforms(alienblue on iphone). Highly recommended.

Jack · 8/14/2015
Readit for Desktop and WP

Best reddit app, especially with design and in-depth karma breakdown. 10/10 (WP) The desktop version is NICE. It still has significant growing pains, and is a little slow and buggy, but these will even out with time, especially as more fixes and features come out. Fantastic app!

Christopher · 8/15/2015
Good looking

This caught me eye it looked good when I opened it and thought this is the reddit app for me. I open a article that was a video to watch and it will not play a video. Trying to watch a video with this app makes it crash. Fix the video problem and I am yours. I have to uninstall it for now though.


App details

Version notes ------- * RES-Style comment hierarchy indicators * Back button no longer displayed in app when you launch the app in tablet mode (doesn't dynamically change yet) * Dropdown menus for sort, etc. are now using theme and better styling * New General setting to autohide menu after menu selections - default: on (select a sub, hamburger menu closes, etc.) * Going directly to comments is now animated * You can now go to random NSFW subreddits via the Jump Dialog * Fixed open in browser sometimes opening in Reading Mode * Fixed some subreddit description markdown causing app crashes such as /r/personalfinance and /r/gamedeals * Fixed reverse spoilers * Fixed strange blue color background on spoilers

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