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Michael · 9/3/2015
Not Bad

There's a small curve to setup, but it really isn't that bad. In fact, selecting who you want to read from is actually a breeze and is almost effortless. However, at no fault to Readiy, there are quite a few articles that show up with news less than 100 characters. It's an easy app to learn compared to most readers and is very fluid and fast on the SP3.

Efrain · 8/18/2015

It makes possible to personalize your news to your liking and the app works in a simple and functional way!!! It keeps getting better.

Keith · 8/11/2015
Very good reader but...

I like the reader a lot but using it on a PC with Microsoft 10 it doesn't appear that I can save photos inside a post to my computer, even with the Pro version. A right-click option to "save to computer" would make this much better for me. If I'm just missing it then my apologies, otherwise its a big missing feature.

Thomas · 9/2/2015
Black screen after loading

The app works pretty well. Unfortunately since a few days I have a total black screen after startup and nothing is shown. Reinstalling the app did not help!

Pauline · 8/24/2015
4.5 stars

This works very well on a Surface pro. Easy tp read and zoom at will. Better display than gReader on Kindle. Deducted .5 star because I see no way to call back recently deleted items like I can with gReader on an Android device. I also don't see how to add items but I haven't tried very hard to figure it out, just use Android.

Ilan · 9/1/2015
Great design but..

I really like the design but ...it keeps crashing or freezing on me. Also I wish it had a list view as well.

Srinivas · 8/28/2015

I use Feedly on my iPhone. this app design and feel serve my purpose on my laptop.

Meghan · 8/4/2015
Great app for RSS reading!

This is a great little RSS app! Blog posts are presented really well and the layout is great - and it is easy to navigate too. I actually find it easier to use than the Feebly app I have on my phone!

Reviewer 0055 · 8/3/2015
Elegant and efficient

Using Readiy is very enjoyable. It's fast and snappy, and the customizable interface lets me see as much or as little information as I'd like. I only with it has built in LaTeX support - for displaying abstracts of arXiv.org rss feeds correctly, for example.

Michael · 8/5/2015

Integrates with Feedly, nice "dark" theme, looks good, easy to use, live tile and it has a cool in-app browser for articles. It's perfect, thank you!



  • Feedly sync - very fast :)
  • Designed for Windows 8.1. Beautiful image rich layout
  • Multiple reading modes (Instapaper, readability, inline browser)
  • Sharing (Save to Pocket/Instapaper), Share full articles to OneNote, EverNote using charm.
  • Multiple themes (light, dark, gray, sepia)
  • Dynamic tile sizing or manual override
  • Multiple live tiles, including large tile.
  • Sorting, Filtering
  • Lots of settings
  • Quick access to Sync/Mark all read/Next, previous section
  • Mark previous as read, mark read as you scroll
  • Portrait mode with vertical scrolling, New 8.1 snapped mode (50/50 mode)
  • Keyboard fully supported (press the “?” for shortcut keys)
  • Mark articles read (all/week old/day old)
  • Safe oAuth2.0 authentication, app does not have access to your user id/password
  • Background worker to keep your subscriptions and feed items in sync
  • Expand/Collapse categories
  • Lots more

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Version notes

Thank you for your reviews and suggestions. Please post your feature requests at readiyapp.uservoice.com Current Release ----------------- • New: Mark items read as you scroll (Pro feature). The most requested feature on our uservoice forum • New: Automatically mark all items read as you reach the end of scroll (Pro feature) • New: Option to hide the images on items view - text only tiles • Improvement: Changing background color for read items to contrast unread/starred items better • Bug fix: Max Sync items per feed/category setting was not saving • Bug fix: First run improvements when loading app with no content/subscriptions

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