• Search recipes based on categories and sub-categories or use the Windows 8 style search
  • Add your own recipes
  • Rate other people's recipes
  • Search or add Recipes in other languages
  • Print recipes from the Windows 8 Charms
  • Search users and show all the recipes from one user
  • Share recipes from the Windows 8 Charms
  • Add recipes to your favorites
  • Show only your own recipes
  • Show vegetarian recipes only

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Version Notes

Version - Partially adapted for Windows 10 - Bugs fixed Version - Bug fixed Version - You can now change the user interface language Version - Minor bugs fixed Version - 'Dare to ask' added for asking questions or sharing tips. - It's now possible to change the order of columns on the main page from the settings in the Charms. Version - The last 5 recipes shown in the Live Tile are now visible in an extra column in the start page of the app. - You can now set the number of columns on the start page of the app with the settings in the Charms. Version - Cook timers added. They are accessible in the recipe details page from the appbar. Version - New Logo - Bugs fixed Version - It's now possible to link to another recipe from the recipe directions. Version - Multiple small bugs fixed Version - Bug fixed Version - Bug with saving image of recipe fixed Version - First Windows 8.1 Release

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Reviewer 8580 · 7/9/2015

cannot add my recipes

GLENN A · 2/10/2014
Great Idea!

Nice app. Will grow in time. A lot of nice recipes so far.

Roger · 6/2/2013
Great app but needs more recipes

In my search for a good recipe app I stumbled upon this app. They used a complete different approach for this recipe app. Unlike most other recipe apps the recipes are from the users and not from an underlying website. That's also the drawback; the lack of recipes. Pros: - Recipes from the apps users - Options like adding recipes to personal favorites, sharing and printing - Simple intuitive layout Cons: - Lack of recipes (English recipes, if you choose Dutch you'll find lots of recipes)

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