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Reviewer 3750 · 8/20/2015
Terrible ..... Uninstalled!

So many other software for recording can be used that actually could be useful. From cracking, hiss and just terrible recording quality from HD mic no excuse when i use other software that's crystal clear not to add that you can have and use unlimited effects, tracks and save your work without being pitched to purchase ....

lakshay · 1/4/2014
I like ths

ths is a good app but I dnt understand how to copy/paste the song

Scott · 8/23/2013
pretty cool

made a few hip hop songs overall this app isn't that bad

ryder · 8/2/2013

I tried importing audio from my files on my computer, and it made a horrible screeching sound. When it doesn't make a screeching sound, my voice appears all electronic. Terrible functioning.

Reviewer 5517 · 7/20/2015
Learn how to use it and its great

Love it! Maybe you guys just dont know how to use it. It recorded my voice and added the music for the song I made on music maker jam. This was totally worth staying up all night. I don't even think I need the pro app!!

D.C. · 3/6/2015

Whether you record your own or import an existing .mp3, you cannot export (save) your project as a sound file! What's the point of using an audio-editing app. if once edited, you can't share what was edited!? Not to mention how not user-friendly this app. is. It is confusing because there are not editing buttons in view at all times, so you have to click around to figure anything out. I'm looking for an app. which actually is worth my time.

Trisha · 1/22/2015
app still rec while playing track

Not only does it pick up sounds while playing the track, but the microphone Eco's and squeaks. There needs to be a info window that pops up when you hover over the feature icon to tell you exactly what it does. and the adds are off the chain! I also believe that the number keys would play the piano much easier, if it would allow you to do it that way, it only lets you hit one key at a time via the mouse pad. .

Jeff · 10/1/2014
Free version won't get you by, but...

Folks just need to be clear that this thing will do two tracks and won't export. It's really just a good way to try out the interface and see if the paid, Pro version will be to your liking. It took me a few minutes to sort out how to navigate, but once I did I was quite pleased and it convinced me the Pro version may well be worthwhile. Helpful hint: the "Settings"- looking icon in the upper left let's you toggle among the File (which includes "import" options), Song, and Track settings. Clicking the mixer let's you pan and adjust relative volumes. Tracks can be easily dragged left and right, and clicking on them yields editing options (allowing you to snip and remove audio). Certain features like Normalize are not available in the free version, but glad to see they're there in the Pro.

William · 2/20/2014
This is not user friendly

Downloaded this thinking that I could find another program that worked with editing music like I used to be able to in Windows Movie Maker as a Vista user. This program is a HUGE disappointment. Frustrating controls, not user friendly, and is not meant for editing music (simply bridging two songs together in one track with a slight overlay). Can't wait to remove this program from my computer!

Manny · 1/19/2014
Can't Save

Its really great and awesome but it usually doesn't save anything. Really hope the fix it.


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