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**PLEASE NOTE: This app won’t function or be updated after Friday, May 15. Please go to on your mobile device. Or, if you have an iOS or Android device, you can catch the Redbox app there.**

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Benjamin · 5/26/2015

Good easy to use app!

Thomas · 7/26/2015

Very limited functionality!! Unbelievable for a major enterprise. I use the "pick it" ap for it's broad functionality, and am now forced to use this ap to find the kiosk (since Redbox cut off "pick it" access to the kiosk portion of their database). Obviously Redbox doesn't care about their customer's needs!!!!

Arthur · 6/14/2015

Very unstable App, crashes all the time. Everytime I try to use it, I get a Application Failed Error.

Lawrence · 3/8/2015

Does everything it says. Only issue is it crashes at the end of check out. The transaction does go through. But it makes you think it doesn't. Please fix

Jaramaine · 2/20/2015

Works for me. Serves its purpose. Video previews load fast. Location data accurate. Only problem is when you Reserve an error appears but it really goes through. Fix this and the app is perfect.

Micheal · 3/2/2015

This app crashes every time you check out. Sometimes it goes through, sometimes it doesn't. No update since 12/2013, doesn't look like they are supporting it anymore. This app has become useless.

Jason · 2/11/2015

Crashes at the end, but order goes through. And now it doesn't load when the app opens. Either update the app or remove it. This is a waste in its current form.

Thaddeus · 1/15/2015

Currently unusable. Getting some kind of initialization error on startup, and then it exits. Used to work find for me.

Jackson · 1/3/2015

I love Redbox as a service, and this app is decent, but there are definitely alot of improvements that could be made. I have never had any issues with the app not starting like other reviews have mentioned, but it is really annoying how when you multitask between apps the Redbox app never remembers where you were in the app when you switch back to it. Also I have never tried reserving a movie because everyone says there are issues when you check out.

Randy · 1/3/2015

This app makes it perfect for those of us who have bank accounts with banks who don't allow debit purchases at the machine. The only thing that i think needs to be fixed is the false error message that pops up after you checkout. Of course it took me a bit to figure out was going on, but now I just ignore the popup. But I can see how others might get confused.