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Joakim · 8/26/2015
Yiay. Scrolling is effective.

Now it's much easier to go from reddit post to reddit post and see which posts you have already seen. I haven't found a way to post comments through it. So I'm either blind or this feature doesn't exist.

Mark · 8/20/2015
Splitview is brilliant

I love the splitview. On other reddit apps I feel like so much time is wasted watching loading circles while content takes forever to appear on screen. With the split screen I get to use this time to peruse the thread list and pick out what I may want to view next!

Nick · 8/23/2015
Best Reddit App currently

Very sleek and easy to use UI, I expect there will be further optimization with Windows 10 as it does seem to force close randomly

Leo · 8/14/2015

Honestly, pretty horrendous Reddit app. The split screen interface thing is fine and all on desktop but not on mobile. Especially if you drag the viewer to the top of your screen you constantly drag down your notifications/quick access slider trying to drag it back down. Since most people on Windows Phone have small, lower end devices splitting that already small screen real estate in half is awful. I have a Lumia 930/640 XL and even on the XL it isn't fun having two tiny pieces of Reddit. Don't try to reinvent the wheel. Just try to make a fundamentally good Reddit client and then work up from there if even you do that.

andrás · 8/20/2015
Nice app, but crashes a lot

...at least if you browse images mostly. When pictures don't seem to load at all after some time it's usually a sign for the next crash to come. Other than that, it's a decent app with a nice interface, but I've only checked it on desktop.

Reviewer 5697 · 8/15/2015
Great App

Only feature I really wish it had was being able to jump between top level comments like in sync for reddit on android.

Anthony · 8/14/2015
Does what I need

Easy to use interface to view Reddit no issues so far.

Reviewer 4201 · 8/9/2015
Decent Reddit Browser

A very decent Reddit Browser. Pros: * Easy navigation. Nice Layout * Smooth and reasonably fast * Sharing options are good * Good filtering options Cons: * No Themes * Occasionally hangs and stops * Support to display gifs and images/albums can take some improvement

Ashley · 8/13/2015

Best Reddit app ever! Comprehensive with all the features of the website and super easy to use

Richard · 8/17/2015
Great app. Especially good on Windows 10 Mobile

Better support for the scroll wheel on the mouse would be nice. I want to resize pix etc. with control-wheel. Also support for scrolling right/left using arrow keys/scroll wheel would be helpful.



  • Easily browse your favorite content in a rich experience
  • Discover, save, and search for things you enjoy
  • Full reddit integration - login, submit, subscribe, notifications, and more!
  • Mulltiuser account switching
  • Support for share-to
  • Windows toast notifications for new messages
  • Live tiles
  • Integrated imgur, youtube, and much more
  • Rich WYSIWG editor

App details

Version notes

This update has the following improvements: 1. Added a new 'share' button in the 'more' for a link in order to more easily surface share. 2. Added ability to create an ignored subreddits list 3. Added volume control for videos 4. Fixed bug where clicking report and hide with no internet access crashes the app 5. Fixed bug where the more popup in the content panel would not hide after selecting an item 6. Fixed bug where about would show up for frontpage/all more button

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