• Easily browse your favorite content in a rich experience
  • Discover, save, and search for things you enjoy
  • Full reddit integration - login, submit, subscribe, notifications, and more!
  • Mulltiuser account switching
  • Support for share-to
  • Windows toast notifications for new messages
  • Live tiles
  • Integrated imgur, youtube, and much more
  • Rich WYSIWG editor

Additional information

Version Notes

This update has the following improvements: 1. Added a new 'share' button in the 'more' for a link in order to more easily surface share. 2. Added ability to create an ignored subreddits list 3. Added volume control for videos 4. Fixed bug where clicking report and hide with no internet access crashes the app 5. Fixed bug where the more popup in the content panel would not hide after selecting an item 6. Fixed bug where about would show up for frontpage/all more button

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David · 7/25/2015
Decent app, but its no ReadIt

Best option for Reddit on Windows desktop, but I still find this app clunky, unintuitive, and painful to navigate. I hope that with the release of Windows 10 we will see either more fixes here or better alternatives.

Justin · 7/21/2015
Works Great

I like the UI, makes it easy to digest content as well as identify comments\subcomments easier.

Thomas · 7/13/2015
Pretty great reddit reader

I like to reddit, this app helps.

Reviewer 1876 · 7/2/2015
So much potential

Love the design of this app. It is well thought out and looks nice. I'd happily make this one of my most used paid apps if it wasn't so buggy. It locks up and crashes frequently. So much so that even as a free app it's not all that valuable. If the crashes and lockups were fixed, this would easily be a five star app worth buying.

andy · 7/16/2015
Very awesome V2!

So far so good! It's beautiful! The obvious are to include live tiles, pinning, themes, and all those goodies. Up and downvote needs to be put back with the arrow keys like before, and some other keyboard shortcuts. YAY!

Besim · 7/29/2015
Best Windows 8/10 Reddit App!

This app is amazing for windows 8 & 10! The dev is awesome as well and he is constantly updating the app.

Ross · 7/20/2015
Good, but issues with ads

Really a great reddit client, but the ad display is almost always over the caption in memes or over subtitles in videos. Really annoying placement. Additionally, I paid for this a long time ago when it was going into Beta on the premise that I would have a code for ad-free, but it's never worked.

Reviewer 9761 · 6/6/2015
Great reddit app

Easy to use with an intuitive interface

Reviewer 8261 · 5/19/2015

Excellent Reddit app; intuitive and enjoyable. To each their own, but for me this app is solid.

Reviewer 0901 · 5/22/2015

Clean and easy-to-use UI, 9/10 would recommend for Surface Pro 3.

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