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5 stars out of 5
· 3/15/2013

Great app!

5 stars out of 5
· 7/23/2014

For en app! Flink utvikler 😊

5 stars out of 5
· 6/23/2014

Super app for ruter i Oslo!

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  • Advanced routeplanner with real time data
  • Shows trafic deviations (where available)
  • Line filters (see only lines relevant to you)
  • Pin any page, stop or route to your start
  • Customize tiles (icon, color, text, transparency)
  • Shows if a metro/subway is long/short
  • Shows if a tram is suitable for wheel chairs
  • Real time info for how full the weicle is (where available)
  • Integrated with navigation app on your phone (get detailed walking instructions++)
  • Departure alarms that uses real-time departure info
  • Maps
  • Uses your accent color and theme settings
  • Has both Norwegian and English language

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NEW IN 7.0 - The app is now 100% free, shareware - Removed the ad-banner - Uses Ruters latest API (REIS2) - Faster resume of the app - Several bug fixes NEW IN 6.0 - Added notify-by-SMS in departure details - Improvements in route planner wizard - Bug fixes NEW IN 5.7 - Fixed issue that caused last-used to always be empty - Slightly faster fetch of data from Ruter NEW IN 5.6 - Many bug fixes NEW IN 5.5 - Bugfixes NEW IN 5.4 - Improved creation of appointments for departures - Fixed quicktile issue - Other bugfixes NEW IN 5.3 - Create appointment with route details - Create appointment with departure details - Added long-press-option for pin-stop-to-start - Added long-press-option for pin-route-to-start - Bugfixes NEW IN 5.2 - Deviation info working again (new API from Ruter) - Auto-backup of preferences working again (when turned on) - Bugfixes NEW IN 5.1.31 - Minimalistic viewmode shows 5 departures instead of 4 - Layout improvements (both design and behaviour) - Bugfixes NEW IN 5.1.23 - Improved route planner, types of transport you want to travel with++ - Shows how full each departure is in more scenarios - Support for light theme - Bugfixes NEW IN 5.0.199 - Bugfixes NEW IN 5.0 - Completely new app and name For more info see "what is new?" in the ABOUT-page.

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