• Quick and easy reminders and countdowns
  • Live tile and lock screen integration
  • System-wide notifications for reminders, tasks, and to-do's
  • Simple, beautiful, and easy-to-use user interface
  • Powerful settings to help you manage your reminders
  • Recurring reminders that automatically repeat
  • Sync reminders across all of your Windows 8.1 devices
  • Pause and resume countdowns

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This latest update is simply bug fixes.

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Phil · 7/20/2015
Just what I was looking for

I love this app. Pop up reminders on my screen. Give me the flexibility to jot down a reminder while working without having to go to my calendar and also assign a time to it. I needed a reminder that assigns time as my calendar does not for tasks. This works perfectly.

Trent · 7/16/2015

Product is well written and efficient for its purpose. Great work.

Reviewer 1900 · 6/27/2015
This one is a keeper!

This has proven to be an app that was worth adding! It helps to keep me better organized and on top of things.

Reviewer 2155 · 6/6/2015
Great APP

Actually it is easy to use and there is very little to deal with for appointments, tasks, and personal events that you should not forget.

Reviewer 8641 · 5/24/2015
Perfect Hourly Rest Reminder

I'm really enjoying this Remind Me application. - The reminder notifications are very non intrusive and when set to the various 'ding' sounds make a very gentle 'get up and walk around' notification. - I've read a few reviews about wanting monthly or yearly alarms: - - I also would love a selection for 'these days every week, first of the month, and so on'. - - But... this gives you the ability to set reminders by Minutes / Hours / Days. - - If you want a weekly reminder, 7 days. - - If you want a 'monthly' reminder, 30 days, or 12 yearly. - - Yearly is just 365 days. This application is more of a 'Remind Me' app and not a Calendar App. - I use Google/Microsoft Calendars for my daily/weekly/monthly/yearly task reminders. - I use this for 'while I'm at my computer' reminders. Last item, you can set it to do 25 second Alarm sounds as well. Overall, highly recommended!

Michael · 6/30/2015
Simple, powerful and free!

Great, intuitive software. Forget all that other junk, THIS is all you need! It is so useful!

Reviewer 3020 · 5/24/2015
Not for me

Could not set up for a specific day of each month. Like an event that happens on the fourth Wed. of each month for the whole year.

Holly · 10/8/2014
eh it's ok

Would work better if it actually consistently worked. There were many times when an alert was supposed to chime but I never heard it.

Kari · 7/18/2014
Reminders Vanished

At the end of the month I updated to windows 8.1 (now I wish I hadn't, too much changed), but when I went to check my apt.'s in remind me, they were gone. Not sure if it's an app problem or a windows 8.1 problem...

Chris · 3/8/2014
Live tile doesn't work

I turned on the live tile setting, but it doesn't work. The app is basically useless without constant reminders.

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