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Ryan · 8/24/2015
Good but falls short

Mouse simulation is great. I need the ability to configure the remote desktop experience like in the desktop application . I am unable to close individual opened sessions, the entire app must be closed to close the sessions. Please build out the features in this app, or add the mouse simulation to the full desktop remote desktop application.

Mikael · 8/16/2015
Individual settings

Im trying to make the move from Mac to Windows. But why is it that Microsofts constantly shoots themselves in the foot? The Mac RDP-app is miles ahead of this. Its simple, just like this one should be, and it works. You open it, add individual computers with password and a name. Here you have to connect to an ip/domain, and ask it to remember the password which it will not, you cannot name the machines. I have more than 50 PCs to keep track of. The Mac app makes it simple, this one doesnt even work.. And all this on a Windows computer, one would think it should work equally well on a PC as a Mac if not better? WHATSUPP????

Alec · 8/14/2015

I love this app in every way except one. I really wish there was a way to right click while in cursor mode. Something like holding your finger down on the screen to right click would be very nice.

Tianrui · 8/7/2015
bug report

Using a surface and connected to an low DPI external screen with large screen size. Remoting Windows on this low DPI large size screen. Unless I set the low DPI screen as my main display, the remote system will use high DPI setting on the low DPI display, making texts incognizable. BTW, maybe this should report to another team, but if I set the low DPI screen as main screen, the icons on task bar shown on surface screen, e.g. mail app, store app, will display in bad shape, very large sawtooth effects.

Musou · 8/5/2015
it's a useful app.

it's a useful app in both windows phone and windows 10 computer. easy to use.

Anthony · 7/27/2015
Needs Connection Specific Options

The app works well, but is lacking in options for individual connections. An especially necessary option is resolution for the remote machine, so that the user doesn't have to squint at tiny elements of the remote machine on a high-dpi display such as the Surface Pro 3. Remote Desktop Connection has this option, but it too fails to scale a lower resolution back up to fit the screen (and instead leaves ridiculous black-space around the remote display area).

Carlo · 8/3/2015
One fatal flaw

Please allow remote access to local storage just like the old app. Over all I think I would prefer this if I could access my local files while on a remote server.

Derek · 7/29/2015
Unfortunately will no longer open

Installed Windows 10 and I'm unable to open it now. It seems to crash immediately. I've also tried reinstalling the app. Maybe the error has something to do with "restoring user settings" at installation? Otherwise, this is a great app. I'm looking forward to being able to use it again.

Nirav Y. · 7/14/2015

Very nice. Required since long. Request you to create profiles as credentials can be same for multiple remotes. Further, show icons for stored remote connections.

Michael · 8/1/2015
Needs better settings

This is a nice update from the old RDP client. However, it is limited to global and not connection specific settings. If you deal with more than one network, such as a contractor may, it becomes a pain.



  • See all your remote connections in the home screen and open them with a single touch.
  • Access and manage work resources published via RemoteApp and Desktop Connections.
  • Connect to multiple remote desktops at the same time. Keep an eye on different sessions while you multitask.
  • Navigate applications in your remote session easily using the touch keyboard, the Touch Pointer, Rotation and Zoom.
  • Automatically detect and optimize your connection quality with RemoteFX WAN Transport enhancements.
  • Customize settings for all remote connections at once or individually.

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Version notes

This version includes the following updates: • Improved performance and reliability. • Addition of a new command bar button to easily display the on-screen keyboard. • Ability to manage RemoteApp and Desktop Connections resources directly from the app.

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