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- Contemporary new design makes navigating RemoteLink faster and easier - View data usage for 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot (if equipped) - Bug fixes

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Armond · 4/25/2015

This app is buggy for windows phone. When I scroll up or down in vehicle diagnostics page, parts of the page disappear. The app is show to respond and takes a while to go from one page to another. And overall the aesthetics is lacking...looks like a 12 year old designed it. Come can do much better.

Todd · 4/20/2015

Notified today (April 20) that they are shutting down the App. No estimate as to when. Sooo disappointed! Way to go GM! Thanks! We make large investments in our vehicles and as you said "after careful consideration" we, your customers, made large investments with you. Now you walk away? No commitment.

Robert · 4/30/2015

Since the update, diagnostic information does not work. It was a great app before the update. Please FIX ASAP!!!

Steve · 3/24/2015

The fact that GM/OnStar is even thinking about Windows Phone users is worthy of applause in and of itself. Some auto manufacturers have Infotainment systems in their vehicles built by Microsoft with no companion app for Windows Phone. A few suggestions to improve the user experience, if they are at all possible: - Ability to pin remote features to your start screen for faster access. - Push notifications for unlocked doors, popped trunk, engine cranked, remote start timeout warning. - Enter/exit Valet Mode. - Activate/Deactivate interior and exterior lighting when using remote start or lock/unlock. - Cortana support for voice commands. - Some sort of enhanced Bluetooth capability. Like the ability to unlock your doors or pop your trunk if MyLink detects your device's Bluetooth is on and in proximity.

Ryan · 3/17/2015

This app ia useful for "starting" my Chevy Volt remotely so it'll heat up or cool down the interior while connected to AC power. BUT the latest update broke the feature that sent me SMS reminders when I forgot to plug my car in at night. Really sad that they removed this feature that I relied on, especially without any notice.

Blake · 4/20/2015

I was shocked when I bought my truck to see that Windows Phone was supported. I am happy that it works but the app is a terrible design. Clunky and slow. I bet this is either a really bad port through some middleware or its a (bad) web app. Can't complain too much. Just happy it works.

Brandon · 7/6/2015

It was okay until recently when it stopped working. It doesn't work on Windows 10 mobile technical preview either. Please fix and then I'll update my review.

Larry · 2/21/2015

Latest update broke the app. Malibu 2012 - only updates miles and it is wrong. I Agree with everyone else, this is a long time coming and well worth the wait...almost. Yes it is potentially a great app. OnStar remote start will not work with Malibu 2012 and earlier models. GM just give us a ROM update. sending remote lock messages means the required systems are present. A ROM update will allow the system to recognize a remote start request. GM, do the right thing.

j · 2/25/2015

Cumbersome to log into. Available info' and functions offer little value, considering the vehicle's relatively simple capabilities, and my established routines for vehicle maintenance. Initial novelty wore off.

Amber · 2/19/2015

Never had any trouble with the app, eg ten after the update to 8.1. Always worked excellently, or did until the new update with the redesign. I enter my info to sign in and get forever stuck at a screen with nothing but the OnStar logo, unable to do anything else. I know the app needed a modern redesign, but the most important thing is it needs to actually work. *UPDATE* Not sure what changed, maybe it was just a temporary server side issue, but it worked today and let me log in. New modern design looks nice, though I wouldn't mind a dark theme. All features still there and better organized now. Just wish you could pin the key fob or individual commands or statuses (like fuel level) to start for extra convenience and easy access.