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John · 8/1/2015

It's easy to use. I don't like the world news section being in French only as I am an English speaker but I did notice that most of the articles in the French section are duplicated on the English side as well .

TJ · 9/12/2014
Why French...

In my World news summary section??? Been there for several weeks, now.

Randy · 8/25/2014
What the heck happened to Reuters

They have become CNN. Classless

Mike · 8/8/2014
Recent changes

why is some of it in French and designed for Canada (news etc)

James · 6/15/2014

These are old news and haven't updated in 2 weeks, unlike everything else.

Reviewer 8468 · 5/27/2015
World news must be read in French?

If it is true that all news found in the World news tab must be read in French, that is cause for me to uninstall. Sorry but I do not read or speak French and neither does most of the World. There does not appear to be a way to change that. I have already selected English as my language of choice and yet World news is all French. Disappointing.

Reviewer 1995 · 5/23/2015
Best News App

I could have given it 5 starts, but not because of following reasons 1. World news section is in French. It should be in English. 2. Many news items are duplicated.

Locutus · 11/1/2014
Decent overall, could use some improvement

The news quality is decent (about what you would expect from a mainstream source, but generally a bit on the higher end). The world news is in French, which is a bit of a drawback, but otherwise there is a diverse array of news categories.

Mike · 10/24/2014

World news is in French even though I have English set as language. Videos don't play or "can't be found." UI needs an options feature to hide/delete sources you never read.

Pat · 9/30/2014
Love the app. Strange Bug

For some reason the international section of the app is in French! Not sure why but it really drives me nuts. Other than that the app is wonderful. Reuters has some of the best photojournalism in the business.

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