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Fred · 8/27/2015
Why people pirate music

Apps like these are why there are still music pirates. There are people willing to pay for subscriptions to get music. Instead, their efforts are thwarted by bad applications, compatibility problems with music players, and even worse library management tools. This is not a fully fleshed out application and seems to be something that would be an Alpha version of one. I will certainly stay with Google Play music and continue to use MediaMonkey as my music library manager.

Maureen · 8/21/2015
Great way to preview music

I like 30 second clips and playlists that you can save. I wish the app would add beats per minute so I could make a playlist for workouts

Malcolm · 8/14/2015
Missing features: Library, Fav's etc.

Needs a UI redesign utilizing Windows 10 API's & missing some key features such as library management, favorites, in-app search, off-line listening, moods and featured. Probably easy to gain some market share with a better app --- considering Spotify, iTunes & Google Play Music being absent from the store.

Reviewer 9675 · 8/2/2015
HATE win 8.1 ver

I've been w/Rhapsody since it's inception. this version is the WORST. Designer should be FIRED. I don't want to go to 8 screens to see my playlists. Designer never heard of minimizing white space I guess. I want all of my stuff on ONE HOME DASHBOARD like ver4. AND there is no more equalizer. HATE IT. The manual says there is a setting icon but there is none on the version that came preloaded with new computer. Tried installing old version and got errors. Tried signing into new version from Rhapsody site to see if my preloaded version is faulty and got errors. Rhapsody, PAY ATTENTION. This new versions is NOT user intuitive. It has a TON of useless time wasting white space, no equalizer, no description of radio stations (at least not on my version), and it is different than then the manual. Settings was a hidden menu on the right that I had to drag in. GO BK TO DRAWING BOARD or you are going to lose LONG TIME CUSTOMER

Karina · 8/17/2015

Was great at first but now it won't play music even from live radio. It plays only my favorites and tracks I search for specifically. I don't know what happened but I hope this can be fixed soon.

Amie · 8/2/2015
Used to be better

Anything I say will just be a repeat of other's complaints. It used to be good. Now it isn't. I only still have it because I paid for a year subscription (as I have done for many years!) before the updated app. Now I am only using it on occasion to get my money's worth and then dumping it!

Danny · 7/30/2015
Down the drain

Like-now you can download songs to play off line. Don't like--WAY TOO MANY TO LIST, but I will try. Main item that comes to mind is the constant buffering. None of my other music apps buffer like this. Same song by same artist in same location with same connection, no buffering like Rhapsody. UI is no fun anymore. Use to be very easy to use, now, not at all. Why, Rhapsody, why did anyone agree that this was the way to go with this program when it was so good, no, I will venture to say great, program prior to this update. I was forced to upgrade to this version after I dodged it for as long as I could. Other music software is starting to look good and I am in the process of trying 3 different ones at the same time so I can get rid of this. I have been with Rhapsody since day one ever since MusicMatch disappeared a few years ago. I was with that since 1999. Rhapsody, do what no others have done, go backwards with this version, the version that worked. Don't move forward.

Barry · 8/6/2015
You guys really need to go back to the drawing board!

The new version really sucks and is almost impossible to navigate and use. I'm about ready to end my Rhapsody subscription (which I've had for about 7 or 8 years). Tired of the frustration and lack of functionality

Aaron · 7/30/2015

There's no settings for allowing music playlists or radio to save or download in the background Otherwise great quality music app.

Reviewer 5959 · 8/25/2015
Cant even login on computer app

Every time I try and login it says I need to renew, then I click on the link and it says I'm already signed up. Then I go back to sign in and it starts all over again. This app sucks on computers don't even bother.



  • Dive into a catalog of millions of songs
  • Play full-length albums and top tracks
  • Create playlists for any occasion
  • Save all your favorites to your library to play whenever, wherever
  • Discover new music with Rhapsody radio – listen by Artist or Genre
  • Hear it first with New Releases every Tuesday
  • Enjoy rich-album imagery and intuitive navigation throughout the app

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