• Dive into a catalog of millions of songs
  • Play full-length albums and top tracks
  • Create playlists for any occasion
  • Save all your favorites to your library to play whenever, wherever
  • Discover new music with Rhapsody radio – listen by Artist or Genre
  • Hear it first with New Releases every Tuesday
  • Enjoy rich-album imagery and intuitive navigation throughout the app

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Reviewer 3975 · 7/26/2015
gotten worse with each uprade - LITERALLY

Rhapsody used to be a great app for playing music. Especially for parties. I miss the Mixer. I missed being able to sort. I missed the list of albums or songs being in a list and not the picture with the song. It may it faster to choose songs on the fly. I missed being able to purchase songs. I miss the equalizer. I miss being able to import songs. I miss being able to download songs. I miss being able to listen while offline. I Miss being able to rips songs to a CD. I miss my playlist telling me my total track time. Major major major digression. I give it a 1 because I like it on my iPhone but you have totally missed the mark on the PC version. I work in IT and we would never be allowed to put out a product this bad and still keep a job. Whose 12 year old son was allowed final say on this design. Please fire him.

Reviewer 6778 · 7/10/2015
Not worth the cost

In terms of playing music it does what it is supposed to but, all of the functions can be found on any of a thousand free streamlined YouTube apps. Without downloading, might as well use YouTube, without a search tool or any other efficient means of finding music your probably better off. Unless you have rhapsody on multiple devices this one shouldn't go past the trial period.

Adley · 7/8/2015

Unfortunately the app often fails to play music when switching between songs. Often have to sign out and back in to recover.

shawn · 7/1/2015

No matter what I do it constantly goes off line. Really getting tired of this! How do I keep my downloads? Before I could download WMA files to my computer and now it is all jacked up and only cloud based? I liked it just the way it was with the real player. Please hit me back at thegreens4612@Gmail.com so I can have it the way it was! Now this app is using ridiculous amount's of data and is always freezing up! What happens to this app? Out was fine the way it was! Please fix this I've sent several emails and gotten very unhelpful responses!

Eric · 6/29/2015
Pretty good

This app works pretty well but I have seen a couple minor glitches such as hanging. A feature that would be nice to add the songs to "now playing" instead of replacing what is currently playing. As a paying customer I would expect access to the latest music such as 1989 on their release date and not months later.

John · 6/8/2015

Windowsphone version does not appear to be as feature-rich as Android version. If you have PC version and want to add your smartphone, beware that Verizon somehow took over the billing for Real/Rhapsody and in the process it created a duplicate account at Rhapsody-same login and password according to Rhapsody. When I called Rhapsody, previous billing history was gone, so too my playlists and some of my music purchases. Don't know what will happen now that I am on AT&T, but this time, paid Rhapsody directly on their web site.

Sharon · 7/24/2015

The Best!! But you are messing up again!

christine · 7/24/2015

Great app!! Should be free, though!!

Patricia · 5/18/2015

Horrible app, way too many glitches. While yes I enjoy the wide variety of music provided. The app occasionally won't even open and shows as offline when I have WIFI and full LTE service. Disappointed with quality.

Carla · 5/17/2015

Poor marketplace size, missing newer popular songs, horrendous technical glitches, unresponsive interface, crashes to desktop at least three times a day and chief of all it begins to play songs 15 songs away from the ones you select on your list of tracks. Terrible app.

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