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Eric · 11/1/2013

Love it! Thanks for making a Windows Phone version!!!

Sean · 12/8/2012

Easy to use gets the job done for securing account

Heartbreak 0ne · 12/27/2011

Effectively an RSA SecurID-style authentication fob for Rift. Assuming Trion implemented the rolling code system and policies properly, this is a must-have for Rift players.

Saurkan · 10/23/2011

Perfect application and about time. Works great in Samsung Focus with Mango. Thanks Trion for supporting your WP7 RIFT players and for updating your authenticator's page. Keep the apps coming Trion and show your support to WP7!

Patrick · 1/29/2015

Works great, people that say its not working or invalid code need to learn how to use it (resync, restore works wonders)

Nixxon · 12/20/2014

Thank you for supporting windows os. However, the app crash upon opening.

Christina · 7/8/2014

Thank you for supporting the windows platform; crossing my fingers for the full mobile app!

Eric · 1/12/2015

Codes generated by this app are no longer compatible with Trion Games's systems. I would recommend avoiding this.

Josh · 1/8/2014

Thank you Trion for making a Windows Phone version!

Mickey · 11/1/2014

In my experience this does not function. In fact I am now locked out of my Trion account. No matter how many times I try it says "invalid token" leading me to believe that the app no longer works due to lack of updates.


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